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Last updated on 25 Oct 2017

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Actual rating: 4,5 stars

This book is a mix between fiction and non-fiction. The story is filled with factual and historical accounts, but added in are stories about what Catharine Arnold imagined life in Shakespeare's time was actually like. This might not be something everybody likes, but I loved it. I already know quite a lot about Shakespeare (I did a big project about him in my final year of high school + I study English Language and Culture at my university), but this book made it real. Like I was walking in London and hearing about Shakespeare and his fellow actors myself. There was also information in this book I didn't know, which is always a plus because that means it isn't the regular set of facts you hear so often. 

The only reason I didn't round up to a 5 stars is the final chapter. Most of the facts I didn't know are in that chapter, but the pace is just slightly different and slower than the rest of the book. It therefore was less enjoyable to read than the majority of the book.

Overall this is a really good book & I definitely want a copy for my personal library :)

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