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The Art of the Wasted Day

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penny s, Reviewer

The Art of the Wasted Day is not the book I expected based on the title, it is not creative worksheets to combat busyness. The volume is, however, a lovely meandering ode to solitude and daydreaming. I first began this title long before the world turned upside down; at that time it wasn't the right book for me and it was set aside. Now that priorities have shifted and time has a different meaning, it was delightful to read. Hampl has crafted a book best enjoyed on a bench under leaf dappled sunlight or curled up in a chair as rain splatters outside. This is not a book to be rushed. It is a lovesong, not to the art of a wasted day and negative connotations, but to a day beholden to no one but one's self. Her meandering prose captures a moment and savors it, then flits off to a different gem of leisure, returning again to a common motif, Montaigne. The Art of a Wasted Day is not a how-to manual, but a travel guide of leisurely memories.
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