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Cover Image: Sunshine at the Comfort Food Cafe

Sunshine at the Comfort Food Cafe

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Anjana D, Reviewer

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By the time I reached this book, I have become familiar with the characters and their quirks. I would think it highly appropriate to have some kind of prior understanding of the people and their bonds before venturing into this one for the most effect. I did not cry for this book as I did for the other two I have read. Mostly because this was more funny. The issue in this book is slightly of a different tone than the ones in the previous two. The loss is not exactly of a person physically but mentally. In some ways, it might even be a harder situation to come to grips with.

This book is about pink haired Willow who has made fleeting appearances in the previous books. She is a person with a lot of love to give and is carrying the heavy burden of watching her mother's Alzheimer's sap away her essence. This is about how she gets a chance for a slight betterment of the situation (It is not a spoiler since the comfort food cafe exists to facilitate such minor miracles). The dialogues are more wacky and random in this book, and a working knowledge of popular books(and their cultures) would help understand the random conversations.

I have not mentioned that all books in the series come with a hero to match the ladies who are not exactly damsels in distress. That I would think goes without saying!

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