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The Ripper's Hellbroth

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Elizabeth M, Reviewer

Western New York is under-siege from a serial killer who seems to be following in the footsteps of the most famous fiend of them all - Jack the Ripper. The Niagara Falls Serial Killer Task Force calls in none other than the Watchmaker, a detective sleuth par excellence. The Watchmaker, FBI’s chief scientist Dr. Edward Dunham knew at once there was something strange about this killer. When he discovers the fiend's immortal agenda, giving the case its first break in what seemed to be an unsolvable situation, he blows the case wide open with a prediction of where the killer will strike next. They begin their deadly cat and mouse game, then one of the killer’s intended victims, a college sophomore, and her younger brother bestow a gift on the Watchmaker, although, when he locks horns with the killer, Dunham's not prepared for the outcome. All is not lost. The Watchmaker knows his secret, a secret that will haunt him for the rest of his life

My thoughts:
OMG , what a perfect read for October it's creepy, sinister , weird , disturbing ,and very haunting all rolled into one story, a
story that alternates back and forth between the two timelines , the past and present each victim getting us closer to the unknown suspect , it's a different type of twist on the story of Jack the Ripper .It's a must read . Once again think you NetGalley for giving me a chance at read what turned out to be a really great book.
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