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The Kaiju Film

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Last updated on 06 Dec 2017

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Jason Barr takes delves into the genre of Kaiju films and looks at why they resound with viewer both in the US and abroad.
This critical study looks at a variety of psychological and sociological explanation on why viewers are drawn to the films. Barr discusses political, cultural, and environmental influences with out becoming stiff. In other words, this is easy to read and not just made for scholars.  
I grew up B movies and Kaiju films. I knew all of Godzilla's nemesis and allies by heart. So I enjoyed looking back on these films as well as discussion on modern films and how Hollywood continues to try and capitalize on the idea. The book is pretty up to date except for Kong: skull Island and a possible revival of the traditional kaiju film to American audiences. 
A deep look at a genre that doesn't get a lot of main stream love, The Kaiju Film: A Critical Study of Cinema's Biggest Monsters is a nerd's dream look into the concepts of their favorite monsters.

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