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Class Murder

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Last updated on 06 Dec 2017

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Geraldine Steel is back, reunited with her former Sergeant Ian Peterson, having relocated to York after having to accept a demotion due to recent events with her recently discovered twin sister. Although she is grateful to still be serving on the police force, she is struggling to come to terms with all the upheaval involved, what with their role reversal, being Ian's Sergeant instead of his Detective, the move to York, being among unfamiliar faces and apart from her Step Sister Celia and niece.
On her very first case in York, two bodies are found, seemingly with no connection. While they try to uncover some sort of common ground to lead them to the killer, another body is found. Being thrown in at the deep end, and keen to impress her new boss, Geraldine is really struggling with loneliness, wondering whether she has done the right thing by accepting her new position. She is also doubting whether she and Ian's friendship existed, or whether they were just colleagues.

I can't think back to when I first started reading Leigh Russell;s books, but having devoured everything she's written, I know each time I see another new book by her, I am always quick to pre-order it, and have never been disappointed!

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