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Last updated on 04 Jan 2018

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It's been far too long since I have read a Geraldine Steel novel so I was looking forward to catching up following on from the last book. For those people who intend on reading the series in order, you may want to stop reading my review as it will inevitably contain spoilers if you haven't read the whole series.

I was keen to see how things were working out for Geraldine. Following her demotion she has now got a bitter pill to swallow by working as a Sergeant for none other than Ian Peterson. I am thrilled that these two are now working together although the dynamic sure has shifted. Geraldine seems a lot more vulnerable now that she has the added pressure of demotion, a twin sister in rehab and an adopted sister who could do with Geraldine's support. That's all without the actual job so Geraldine's life certainly seems to have taken a few steps back. Ian Peterson is also another one that has changed and in the first half of the book you can tell that both he and Geraldine are struggling with the new arrangements of him being above her in rank. That said, the two of them are starting to get back to normal the more the story continues. 

As for the storyline, it seems that bodies are turning up and they seem to be linked through a group of schoolfriends. Geraldine and Ian are part of the team investigating the murders. Their new colleagues leave a lot to be desired I must say. I spent most of the time wanting to slap their colleague Naomi who obviously has a crush on Ian, and couldn't warm to the new boss Eileen. I think the reason I loved this book so much was that it felt like the series has been given a massive shake up and everything is topsy-turvy. Overall this was an absolutely cracking read and certainly one of the best I've read with Geraldine for a while, I literally cannot wait for book 11!

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