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Class Murder

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Last updated on 24 Oct 2017

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This is the tenth book in the Geraldine Steel series and so far Geraldine has served with the Kent Constabulary, the Met and now she finds herself working in York.

Geraldine Steel has found herself demoted from Inspector to Sergeant, she has relocated from London to York to work with her former colleague Ian Peterson, while Ian has been promoted from Sergeant to Inspector and he is now Geraldine's superior.

On arrival in York, Geraldine is thrown into her first case, a young woman has been found stabbed to death, days later there is another murder and the police team’s only connection is that they were in the same class at school, when a third person from school is found murdered the team struggle to find clues and make any headway.

This is a good book, it follows Geraldine as she strieves to become part of a new team, how she is coping with being demoted, her relationship with her old Sergeant who she thought was a friend but is now not sure where she stands with him. This story has several twists but the ending feels a little rushed and it left me unsure as to the relationship between Geraldine and Ian. I am looking forward to see where Geraldine goes from here.

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