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Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties

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Anjana D, Reviewer

I have read another of her books (Life and Other Near-Death Experiences) before and enjoyed the unique experience. This book was rated highly by some of the other bloggers which I happened to stumble across and therefore thought it would be a good idea to read it.This author has a very unique talent of putting forth profound thoughts in a seemingly flippant manner. The narrative can lull you into the false security that this is a more shallow presentation, and the insights into the lead protagonist's thoughts will shake up the mental picture.

This tale features Maggie Harris who at the age of fifty-three has been given the news by her husband that he is leaving. This out of the blue situation hits Maggie and has her deal with the situation in stages. three stages of dealing included ;being out of control, learning new things about herself and the final resolution on her part. The book moves effortlessly between these changes, and by its end there is a strange calm over the entire cast of the people involved.Maggie has two children who feature predominantly in her thoughts as well as her husband's mother who favours her in the current scenario as opposed to her own son.There are more people who make appearances, each of whom contribute significantly to Maggie's story and the decisions she takes. 

It was a good book to read and although it is not completely happy, it still has a positive outlook and feel.
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