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THE REBOUNDERS by Amanda Ottaway is a memoir about being a Division I women's basketball player.  Being a excellent athlete, and yet somewhere around the middle of the talent pool within all of women's collegiate basketball, Ottaway's perspective gives a very relatable and working class feel to the book.  From high school playing and recruiting, to accepting the new life as a scholarship college student, to setting an example for teammates and young women yearning to play basketball at a Division I  level, THE REBOUNDERS carries Ottaway from aspiring youth to a grounded and level-headed adult ready to take on the world.
   Ottaway doesn't shy away sharing how so many decisions she made she questioned, doubted, and still ponders many choices she made.  It's a very heart-on-your-sleeve approach to a memoir, but therefore by sharing the self doubt and nervous indecision, the book is about as real as you can get.  She connects many of her experiences to greater discussions, like stereotyping women athletes as less feminine that other women, to the realities of women's college athletes vs men's college athletes, (although she is quick to admit that women's basketball has it better than most women's sports), to balancing friendship and comradery with her teammates and yet competing with them at the same time.  Ottaway points out challenges she had along the way, but is not afraid to confess that she created some of the those challenges by the choices she made.
   Gritty, honest, and in your face, THE REBOUNDERS entertains with a recounting of a young athlete but also enlightens a reader to the good and bad of being a female in collegiate athletics.

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