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Beware the lies...this psychological thriller has many twists and turns as it reaches an incredibly surprising conclusion. 

Anna Johnson, with her weeks old baby Ella, is very sad -- she can't get over the fact that both her parents committed suicide and left her alone. Her partner, Mark, is supportive, but he never met her mom and dad so he doesn't really understand her emotional turmoil. When Anna receives a card that indicates that perhaps it was not suicide, she contacts the police. A nearly retired civilian desk officer, Murray, investigates on his own time. And then, the strangest thing happens... NO SPOILERS.

The narrative is told in mulitple points of view and often the reader is not sure who is speaking because one is unidentified by name. Anna's voice is the main speaker driving the plot forward. It's Anna who contacts the police and who is totally confused by the transpiring events.

This was not a particularly fast-paced novel with way too much internal angsting going on within the characters. It's not action based at all. I can't honestly say that I liked the main character, Anna. I could not identify with any action or decision she made. None of the women in the book seemed very "all there" mentally, and I didn't relate to any of their reactions or behavior. Murray was a dogged and determined investigator with an interesting sidebar concerning his mentally ill wife. But there was way too much description that was dragging down the forward motion of the story. 

I found myself sort of rushing through to the end, confounded by the "ah ha" moment and the ensuing drama. It's all tied rather neatly up at the end, except...

If you're in the mood for a psychological family drama, then this is the novel for you! Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley Publishers for the e-book ARC to read and review.
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Wow this was a good book. I thought I had it figured out who done it and I was wrong! I love mysteries like this. I recommend this book.
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Let Me Lie is the third book I have read by this author. Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this! A year ago Anna's world was shattered when both her parents committed suicide right after each other. Now a year later, Anna is in a relationship and has a newborn. Her life is going better, that is until she receives a card on the anniversary of her parents deaths that suggests it wasn't suicide. 

Soon sinister things begin to happen and all the while, she doesn't know who to trust. Full of twists, this was a good page turner, a little predictable, yet still entertaining. I am not sure about the ending is that even possible?
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Another gem from Clare Mackintosh! It's hard to describe her books without spoilers, so suffice it to say that it's full of her trademark twists and is a great read start to finish. I particularly adored Murray's relationship with his mentally ill wife and the sensitive depiction of their difficult life - everyone should have a Murray in their lives.
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New mom Anna Johnson has lost her father to suicide. One year later to the day, her mother took her own life as well.  Since then, Anna has been struggling to care for her infant daughter, to be a loving woman to her partner Mark, and to get on with her life without the panic that controls her.  When the anniversary comes around, she starts to receive clues that maybe her parents did not carry out the heinous crime that everyone believed they committed. While piecing together the clues and with the assistance of a retired police officer, Anna hopes to discover what really happened to the parents that she so deeply loved and missed. If you enjoyed the authors other novels, I Let You Go and I See You, then you most certainly will enjoy this suspenseful thrill ride
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Thank you netgalley for my review copy of this book. Clare Mackintosh is hands down the best thriller writer there is. Anyone that comes to my store looking for their next thriller gets immediately directed to her books! This is Ms. Mackintosh's third novel and while her first will probably always be my favorite she continues to thrill and amaze with every new book she writes. I have never sen anyone able to execute a plot twist as well as Clare Mackintosh! 

In Let Me Lie Anna has believed for the last year that her parents comitted suicide. With the help of her therapist turned lover and her newborn daughter Anna is slowly starting to come to terms with the deaths of her parents. Until she gets a letter telling her that things may not be as clear as they seemed. Will trying to uncover the mystery of why her parents would commit suicide is Anna putting her own life in danger? The answers she finds in this mystery might not be the ones she wants. Sometimes it's much safer to leave the past in the past but will it be too late for Anna when she finally realizes it?
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Clare Mackintosh writes intense and compelling psychological thrillers.  I See You was my absolute favorite, but Let Me Lie is equally mesmerizing.
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Imagine your father committing suicide. Then imagine your mother committing suicide in the same way and in the same place seven months later. Their daughter, Anna, is still trying to come to terms with it all two years on. Now a mom to an infant daughter, Anna believes she can feel her mother there with her, and she begins to question the validity of the suicide verdicts. Why would her parents, two people who had everything to live for, kill themselves. It becomes imperative to Anna that she uncover the truth, for herself, her daughter and her parents. Mackintosh has taken the publishing world by storm with her incredibly twisted plots and shocking endings. Readers won’t be disappointed by her newest entry, which, I believe may be her best to date
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