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I loved It! The characters are wonderfully quirky and the whole premise, a school for developing psychic abilities, is a hoot. The action is fast paced and filled with twists and turns. Teddy is a very likeable main character, and I definitely want to read the next book in this series to see what happens next.

School for Psychics will appeal to readers of all ages, from middle school on up.
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A fun read as we explore Year 1 at a college that grooms psychics for jobs with police forces or the government. Teddy Cannon lives in Las Vegas and has been banned from all of the casinos for her ability to read other players and win. She is back in disguise and in a casino trying to win enough money to pay off her debts to a mobster. Things are going well and it looks like she will win until suddenly she can't read anyone and she is identified by casino security. To her rescue comes Clint and he gives her an option for her future, attend the Whitfield Institute for Law Enforcement Training and Development and her debts will be erased. She doesn't have much choice but her world is rocked when she discovers that it is a school for psychics and that her ability to read people is actually part of her psychic ability. Teddy is doubtful but with the help of the other 1st year Misfits she explores her psychic ability. When she is offered a chance to find out more about her birth parents her friends agree to help, even though it is highly illegal. As things go horribly wrong Teddy isn't sure who she can trust. A story of friendship and loyalty and discovering your true self. It reads like a cross between a cozy mystery and a tv show, fun and engaging.
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A fun take on the popular magic school trope, School for Pyschics swerves a bit, pulling together troubled young twenty-something adults with psychic powers and training them to fight crime, solve cases and handle military-like situations. Teddy, the heroine, is a well-developed, interesting character and it's enjoyable to see her navigate a path that is not entirely clear--who really are the good guys and the bad guys? There are some quirks in the plot that stretch belief, but not so much that the overall read isn't enjoyable. Suspense, romance and intrigue make this a fast, entertaining read.
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Such a fun book!  I admit I am not big on reading about psychics, or government conspiracies, or FBI crimes, or really anything this book is about..yet, I couldn't put down.  Kind of a grown-up Harry Potter, I loved reading about Teddy and her mishaps as she is recruited and navigates her first year of psychic school with her group of misfit friends.  I can't wait for the second book in this series.

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.
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School of Psychics by K.C. Archer, (pen name).
Who is the writer behind K.C. Archer?  My guess is it could be Gabrielle Zevin,  Veronica Roth,  or Suzanne Collins,   All are writers for the millennial/young adult crowd.  Dysfunctional young adults, loss of parents at a young age.  Special powers. There's definitely parallels to Harry Potter (Teddy Cannon), School for misfits, good vs. evil, protected school environment.  
But, was the book good?  Yes, it was entertaining, fast paced, funny,  and kept my attention, mostly, I had to know how it ended. (SPOILER here-- with a set up to future books in a series!)..  
But it could have been edited to 2/3rds as long.. My gosh! --  47 chapter is just TOO MUCH!  I read 13 chapters, then jumped to 30, (I thought it only had 37 chapters)..
I quickly caught up, through re-telling and re-hashing, with what I'd missed in the 17 chapters I'd jumped over.

Disclaimer: This review was based on the advanced ebook from netgalley; The publisher reached out to me with an invitation to read and review.. This is my honest review.
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A very interesting premise with characters who are believable flawed. A little slow to start in my opinion but once it got into the primary story, I read through to the end. Looking forward to more by this author.
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Excellent read! I received a copy of the book from the publisher for a wonderful snow day read. It was only 3 degrees outside but I couldn't wait for the snow haha I've always enjoyed books with psychic powers and this was an interesting take on it. The cast all have an ability they excel in but can learn the basics of other abilities too. Our heroine, Teddy, has an extremely rare talent for a version of telepathy. She is recruited from a life of mistakes by a school for psychics training for jobs in government and law enforcement and other acronym agencies. Typical cliques from at the school but the story is relied on more than the cliche class wars theme. One flaw is the usage of young adult moments of serious stupidity and obstinate ideas on doing things themselves despite having seen what happens repeatedly when they pull that nonsense. I can let a few instances go but there were too many in here. Other than that it was an outstanding book! Good story. Good premise. I look forward to reading more as this definitely left it open for sequels.
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