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The Sherlock Effect

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Patricia B, Reviewer

Last updated on 18 Feb 2018

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Being a fan of the BBC series, I was curious to see how this author would put his mark on the Sherlock franchise.

And it was interesting! I like it. This book is like a collection of short stories about a man whose middle name is Sherlock, and his friend Mo who proposed this endeavor, and they set about solving crimes and mysteries. Each story could be a little longer but the short stories are varied enough to not make you sick of following Sherl and Mo. It's just the right bite size. It makes it ok to put the book down and pick it up again on a new story.

Hope there'll be another collection soon as this was most interesting. Towards the end though, I was trying to apply similar tactics as Sherl. Hahaha. I was close but not quite close enough. Hope they are able to sustain the business, as money is never discussed here...that would simply not do.

Thank you NetGalley and publisher for introducing this author and book to me.

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