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What an amazing life Felipe Alou has had.  In ALOU, it is a treat to hear about his life as a baseball player, baseball manager, and proud brother, father and uncle to his family's lineage in baseball.  Such a cherished baseball entity, Felipe takes the reader though his upbringing and career where Alou is constantly proud and honored to be a pioneer in representing the Dominican Republic in baseball.  As his accomplishments pile up into the 1970's, Felipe Alou ends one facet of his baseball life as a player and jumps right into the next chapter; managing in baseball that carries him into the 21st century.  He has met countless baseball personalities and as a successful player and manager has been a part of so many unique and fantastic experiences.
   The way Alou writes about his life comes from a place of honor and humbleness in that he was the one that got to experience so many great things.  Being human, Alou doesn't shy away from describing his miscues, like having been married four times and creating a rift with one of his brothers the he admits was his fault and he was too proud to admit it for a long time.  Alou also has some great stories about certain players and games that might have otherwise time might have forgotten.  Another thing Alou heads right into are topics that others might shy away from, but Alou isn't afraid to be controversial and by doing so, enlightens and educated the reader.  He touches on racism in baseball in the 50's, 60's and even 70's.  He also spends time discussing the inner workings of franchises, particularly the Montreal Expos, and some of the questionable dealings he had and shady choices that the franchises made.  Those topics and others aren't avoided or tiptoed around by Alou, who seems more that happy to show what's behind the curtain and yet does it with minimal bias and anger; its just how he perceived it.
   Felipe Alou is a rare person, and in ALOU, the reader is reminded of that.  Through all of his accomplishments, of which there are many, what makes Felipe Alou stand above so many others is his gutsy, proud and passionate approach to life.

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