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Where The Light Gets In

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Lorna Larkham has always struggled with living up to her mother's legacy. She has struggled to find her inner art. She is making a huge life change by buying an art gallery in her old hometown. That is when things get interesting, with her wanting to live by herself to figure out her life. Things do not go as planned (obviously) as there is one dog, one old roommate, her niece and more people who seem to be a constant in her new life. She is learning to learn and the entire process is very heartfelt. 

There is the description of art, and life and what people assume about themselves and others within their limited scope of interaction. It is about Lorna finding her footing and her way through new challenges and relationships. I enjoyed a couple of other books by the author and was excited to read this one. It felt more serious and longer than I expected but the only reason I could not give it a full five stars is because the character of Sam, the man in the picture was a little strange at times and I did not warm up to him. I like books with entrepreneurial spirit and forging new bonds among 'unlikely' people. This book is definitely for those other people who like such books too.

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