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Cover Image: Fiction Can Be Murder

Fiction Can Be Murder

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Anjana D, Reviewer

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The book starts off well, and the writing/narration of our lead protagonist Charlee is quirky and entertaining. But half way into the book, it seems like she is trying too hard.

The story begins with a death, of someone we can see revels in harsh criticism of all people.Then we meet Charlee who is on her way to a writers critique group, all of whom meet on a weekly basis.Then it comes to light that someone might have enacted the murder right out of her book. Now Charlee feels like the prime suspect and she goes on a hunt to figure out who could have actually committed the crime.That's when I felt like things got sloppy. I am a fan of random murder mysteries but everything seemed abrupt.

There is also not much reason for her to do the things she does and the conversations seemed slightly staged.There is potential though because the general commentary given by Charlee is comical and fun to read.That is the only reason I am giving this book three stars in case it was just the timing of my reading of the book that made me so critical.

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