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Blackstone and the Scourge of Europe

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Last updated on 10 Feb 2018

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Really great fun publisher has re-published these Blackstone titles: pre-police, the 'runners' in London functioned as thieves 'turned' and. now catching other thieves. Blackstone was one of best and now in kings service, he's sent to St Helena to suss out how security arrangements are holding up  in preventing Napoleon from escaping. He snakes his way in and has unauthorised but intimate meetings with 'Boney' himself .. rumors abound he is plotting escape. and his followers are indeed along with wholesale snuggling going on by everyone on godforsaken island.. Escapades with sexy ladies, mostly lower class,which Blackstone prefers, and decisions that some laws should be enforced, and others not so much,, and Blackstone is clever and works his own judgements. We get historical nuggets about submarines and  in this case .you see why (when you read);. Great romp .. an early kind of James. bind. Really fun.

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