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Five Days that Shocked the World

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Last updated on 08 Mar 2018

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Nicholas Best is a great storyteller. 
Many of the anecdotes in this book are unbelievable.  Many Nazis heard the British spoke of hanging Nazi leaders, but they couldn’t believe the Brits were serious. Hanging was for criminals and murderers, not for people like them, not the leaders of a nation. Ribbentrop and Himmler believed they would be treated with respect and consideration by the western allies. Many Nazis were convinced the allies would appreciated their services in the continuing struggle with the Russians.
Others are poignant. A large consignment of lipstick arrived at Belsen concentration camp. It went far is raising the morale among the women prisoners. They remembered they’d once been feminine and might be so again someday.
Many well-known people are highlighted, like future popes John Paul II and Benedict, and Marlene Dietrich and Audrey Hepburn. This is full of fascinating snapshots from 1945.

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