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Charlotte Walsh Likes To Win

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Last updated on 29 Aug 2019

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Women politicians are certainly a subject worth studying. From getting hassled about their choice of footwear to exposing their family to all sorts of invasive behaviors, they're definitely a unique breed. "Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win" follows a woman running for Senate in her home state of Pennsylvania. After majorly succeeding in the male-dominated tech world in Silicon Valley, she's decided to uproot her family, move back to the heartland, and battle an aging, sexist incumbent politician. She subjects her husband, children, and herself to the hungry press - full of smear campaigns and misogynistic drivel. The fight takes a particular toll on her marriage (although it turns out there were plenty of problems lurking before the campaign even began). I enjoyed learning more about what life on the campaign trail is like (particularly for a woman), and Piazza does a great job capturing the monotony and exhaustion of Charlotte's experiences. Overall, this was a four-star read for me....UNTIL THE END. I absolutely hated the ending, and to be honest, I ended up feeling like my time reading the book had been totally wasted. Unless there's a sequel in the works, this book offered absolutely no resolution, leading to an infuriating response to an otherwise interesting book.

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