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Cover Image: The Cafe at Seashell Cove

The Cafe at Seashell Cove

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Anjana D, Reviewer

A book should sometimes not be judged by the cover and the vibes that the said cover gives out.I say sometimes because the are a large draw for me however I happen to pick out my books (virtual and hard copy).

This book gives off a very typical laid back effect.with a simple storyline that belies the content's potency.We start with Cassie arriving home after a disastrous couple of months in London. She is so focused on her next move, she fails to take into account that the scenario involves people who are not pawns in her game and they have been making moves on their own in her absence.This aspect, of her fighting for her vision for how things should be irrespective of their ultimate benefit for the people is hard to read passively about.I felt like throttling her to shake some sense into her at her dismay at changes in her parent's and brother's lives.On the other hand, I recognized that instinct and actually have fought the same reactions myself.

She reconnects with the life in her hometown and when opportunity comes knocking again she must make the difficult choice.This tale is all about Cassie but her friends,family and Danny (the jack of all trades and the master of it all as well) all play very important roles and it was a great read!
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