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Heaven Adjacent

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I may not have wept copious tears with this as I have done for many of her works, but I did relish it in its entirety. If you are new to the author, do not get put off by the abruptness of the narration/writing in this book. The narration tends to weave itself in the style of the person whose mind we have the privilege of peeking into and in this book it is ex-lawyer Roseanne. Her life can be broken into a few crucial junctures at the time that we meet her. One would be before and after the death of Alice(more information will be in the book itself), and the other would be before and after her 'move'. We are introduced to her in an offbeat situation, with strange living conditions and stranger companions. This situation gets even more complicated when the past reconnects with her, partly causing her joy and the other bringing scary tidings. She is learning the ropes of living a life while actually living it instead of dreaming for something more. Any more revelation (by me here) would dampen the new thoughts that she unearths and shares with us, enough to brighten our day and for us to probably send out positive thoughts into the world(this is a common denominator in most of her books, which is what make them endearing).

To paraphrase the book (in order to convince anyone to put this book on their to-read list): this book is the analysis of choices,including those with regards to people we tend to associate with actually needing what we want. It would be a brilliant way to kickstart a discussion of any reading group over what it may mean to be human.

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