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Redferne Lane

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Last updated on 24 Feb 2018

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I love this book!
What a way to start my Saturday morning! The story follows the life of Grace after her husband's death, Ezra. She'd like to waste away and drown in the memories they had, but when his elder brother, Torin, comes knocking on her doorstep, two years after his all comes tumbling down and suddenly she cannot stop her heart from reeling with emotions she'd buried years ago.
The take on characters with a Scottish accent was great. Torin's wit, reluctance to step in and sweep Gracie off her feet, the struggles Noah and Josie face- all made this one great story to read. 
You know they say "every family has drama," well, this one was quite a good read, because it involved an elderly neighbor who happened to be the voice of reason and calm.
So, this book's classified as romance and women's fiction- but it does make for a good laid back weekend read! Thank you NetGalley for the ARC. It was a pleasure being immersed in Gracie's world and being with the Redferne's as grieved for Ezra.

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