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Jack Was Here

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cindy l, Media

Last updated on 10 Mar 2018

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Really interesting book, quite a conflicted hero.  Trying to reorganize his life after the shattering experience of war, Hugh smokes, drinks and wallows. He can't seem to find a way to find peace and direction and things look like they may spiral out of control. 
Then a chance arrives that offers financial support. a purpose and a goal. His turf is familiar and amd he embarks on his quest to save someone with the same abandon he had been living. Slowly his focus sharpens, the drink is no longer as important, although the smoking is relentless, and his drive to succeed strengthens. 

While not a bad guy, and ultimately a good guy, Hugh is a little tough to love. 
The book is a fast read, a little violent, and has a semi-satisfying conclusion.
Try it.

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