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Another Mother

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Anjana D, Reviewer

This book has an interesting premise, it is of a woman who has just hit thirty and lost her mother and decided to set out to find the birth mother who had given her up for adoption. The hint of an underlying issue makes its way through almost the entire story. The main point would be that, given our circumstances we can never actually know what exactly to expect from another person.

Lu (short for Lucinda) is trying for a change in her life and makes contact with her birth mother, there are a lot of unheavels once that contact is made. Things keep shifting around and it is hard to keep track of what is actually true and what might be a bit of paranoia. There are additional characters who assist Lu during this rough phase of her life.Some of those relationships are pretty well described. I think the tale wound its way well into the unexpected finish. All that said, this was not the thriller for me. As mentioned in the previous reviews, I like my suspense to be a little more subtle. The tone of narration was not something I got used to. That is probably the only reason that I did not relish the book as much as I expected to. I am glad though, that I got a chance via Netgalley to read an ARC of this book.
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