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One Day in December

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I loved the idea of this book and it sounded just my perfect romance read.  However it was so much more than I could have hoped for!  I read it in one sitting and found the lovely sunny day had gone dark and wet by the time I moved from the sofa - but oh! what a day I had in the world of this amazingly beautiful love story!

The story is told over a ten year period, beginning in December 2008 which is where the Christmas part comes in.  The story is told in sort of diary form from the characters perspectives and jumps many months at a time so you get the good bits whilst the story unfolds. 

It sounded like it could be yet another love triangle with the obvious difficulties however it is so unlike anything I have read before.  It is a book for all ages – no nasty double crossing, no detailed erotic sex scenes or nasty, bitchy comments we are so used to being part of daily lives – however, there  are many tear-worthy moments in this absolutely wonderful true love story. 

The author has found a way of telling a story in today’s times without having all the drama that we are so used to seeing in these types of situations.  Everyone deals with events in a very mature way and forgiving way which ensures that whilst reading you can live in a feel-good bubble.  I did plenty of bubbling while reading and many sharp intakes of breath at times too.  It is a story of love, heartache, friendship and the unbreakable bonds.

I can honestly say I will be recommending this to everyone I speak to in person, on twitter, Facebook and anywhere else that I can.  It’s amazingly beautiful – you really should go read it!

Thanks to Josie Silver, NetGalley and Penguin for giving me the opportunity to read and review prior to the paperback release in October 2018.

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