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The Caregiver

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A lot of the emotions I felt when reading this book were tied to the fact that the author died before seeing this published. Every time I read a beautiful sentence or felt connected to a character, I was reminded that the world won't be getting any more writing from Park. The story is made even more poignant by Park's inclusion of one character living with stomach cancer (what he ultimately died from). I really appreciated Park's ability to create the authentic character of Mara, a Brazilian woman who immigrates to the US after a troubled childhood full of violence and political upheaval. Mara becomes a caregiver (one of the few jobs she feels she's qualified to do) for a wealthy American woman; it's in her care for her employer that she can reflect back on the many ways she parented her mercurial and unstable mother. Her story as a child in Brazil is fraught with danger and suspense and rich characters that the reader immediately feels drawn to. The only thing keeping me from rating this 5 stars is that some of the side storylines drew away from the ultimate themes of the novel and the ending felt rushed. Still a compelling and emotional read.

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