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The Water Cure

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This book is about three sisters who grow up on an isolated island with their parents (who are quite decidedly abusive and manipulative). They're made to believe that the outside world is extremely dangerous and is therefore off-limits. The sisters' lives are upended when their father disappears and three strangers show up on the island.

First, I'll start with what I liked. The tone of this book was created so well for the reader. There is so much darkness, pain, and mystery all wrapped together in this dystopian tale. It's impossible not to feel swept up in the despair of it all. However, there was way too much ambiguity for me. The reader is let in on a few secrets, but there are far more questions than answers (especially when the book ends). I didn't feel like there was a strong enough foundation for these characters to exist in because everything was sort of vague.

I thought some of the prose was beautiful in this, even if a bit disturbing. But I was left with a general confused feeling throughout most of the book (especially the beginning when I couldn't tell the sisters apart). There were some good elements of this creepy book, but I wouldn't recommend it other than as a way to teach other writers about how to set a specific mood in their storytelling.

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