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The Light Over London

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I'm a huge fan of historical fiction, but I get a little tired of the formula of a modern person trying to uncover a mystery about a person from the past. This tends to feel formulaic, and I often find myself wanting to only read the sections about the historical person and skip past the predictability of the current character.

The story begins with Cara, who discovers a diary and some photos in a home where she's assessing antiques. She becomes intrigued and decides to figure out who the diary belonged to and what their story was. The chapters then switch perspectives back and forth from Cara to the owner of the diary, Louise. I was completely drawn to Louise's story as she enlists during WWII to escape her humdrum life and becomes embroiled with a RAF pilot who seems too good to be true. Cara's timeline was less intriguing for me and I felt this is where the story lagged a little (especially with a romance plotline that felt forced to me).

To anyone who reads a lot of historical fiction, you won't really find anything new and exciting in these pages. But if you're someone who loves to read anything WWII-themed, this could still be an enjoyable read.

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