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To the Moon and Back

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Another memoir to add to your To-Read list is To The Moon and Back, A Childhood Under the Influence by Lisa Kohn.  Like I mentioned, I LOVE memoirs.  And this one promises to be equally as gripping as Heartland yet completely different. It’s really something how we all have childhoods and they can be vastly different.

Lisa’s life didn’t take place on a farm in Kansas, her experiences were within the cult known as the “moonies.”


The best seats Lisa Kohn ever had at Madison Square Garden were at her mother’s wedding, and the best cocaine she ever had was from her father’s friend, the judge.

Lisa was raised as a “Moonie”—a member of the Unification Church, founded by self-appointed Messiah, Reverend Sun Myung Moon. As a child, she knew the ecstatic comfort of inclusion in a cult and as a teenager the torment of rebelling against it. As an adult, Lisa struggled to break free from the hold of abuse—battling her own addictions and inner-demons and searching her soul for a sense of self-worth. Told with spirited candor, TO THE MOON AND BACK reveals how one can leave behind such absurdity and horror and create a life of intention and joy. This is the fascinating tale of a story rarely told in its full complexity.


This book comes out in September and I know that those who enjoy memoirs will devour this one.


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