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The Art of Inheriting Secrets

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How I loved this novel! I tried to read it slowly to savor it, and could not. 
I loved the descriptions of the castle, the gorgeous roses, the strawberries, the views from the conservatory and especially the descriptions of all the miraculous foods that were prepared. 
I was walking  along Rosemere with Olivia as she inherits this old, dilapidated estate in England that she had no idea belonged to her family. 
Olivia needs to solve the mystery and find why her mother had fled England many years ago and has never mentioned this life to her daughter.
 Caroline, Olivia's mother,  has left instructions for Olivia, but it's something to be found in a treasure hunt. 
Of course! It was what Caroline did with Olivia as a young child and now as an adult, giving her a last gift.
This is well written and definitely a great book and I think the only thing to do, is to read it yourself!
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Olivia Shaw has inherited a 600 yr old manor that has not been lived in for 40 years, as well as a title of Countess.  Her late mother has never told about any of this, but has made sure that upon her death Olivia will find clues that will reveal many more secrets. How will Olivia afford the manor and all the obligations that go with it? Ms. O'Neal has once again created a story full of rich, descriptive prose that made me want to reach out and touch or taste and characters I would love to befriend.  I was hooked from page one.  Well done!
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