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The Bakery at Seashell Cove

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Last updated on 01 Jun 2018

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This is the second book and focuses on the friend Meg Larson who was helped Cassie(the first person introduced in the series) get the feel of her hometown in the previous book. She was (and is) a mild-mannered person intent on pleasing people around her. She is engaged to be married when the book begins but things are not rosy. She has evolved her goals and things she wants to do and no one seems to understand her. Well, almost no one.Meg has a lot of things to contend with during the tale. Everyone has an opinion and some maybe welcome but on the whole it seems to overload her system. I like this book because the individual relationships between people is very different and each have their own time in the limelight.The only problem I had with the story was that it all seemed a little rushed. Not the time in which all the events take place but the constant movement from one event to the next. But the 'feel' of the tale won me over in the end. If you are looking to relax and read a book that you can indulge in and expect to feel involved in the character's lives, this is surely a book for you.

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