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Strangers on a Bridge

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MoMo’s Book Diary recommends “Strangers on a Bridge” as dark and gripping 4 star thriller.
This debut novel by Louise Mangos is set in the Swiss Alps and is nail-biting.  The story strongly focuses on Alice and Manfred. Manfred is about to jump off a bridge and Alice spots him as she is running past….. something I like to think anyone would do – but then the story takes a twist!

This is a slow burner of a thriller where I found I could relate to Alice and, to a point, understand her actions – I fear I may react in a similar way – however the story at times becomes frustrating and somewhat unbelievable.  I couldn’t understand the way some characters reacted but as a novel (and not real life) then this was very well written and a scary warning to everyone to be kind but protect yourself first!

I will be recommending this novel to friends and will be watching for any other releases.  

Thanks to Louise Mangos, HQ Digital and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review this gripping novel.

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