You'd Be Mine

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 05 Apr 2019

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I absolutely loved this book. It's perfect for anyone who loved the TV show Nashville. It's a behind-the-scenes of the country music industry story, but also a swoony romance, with flawed characters and well-drawn characters arcs. I flew through it, and my only complaint is that I wish I could have listened to the original songs.
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I loved this story! It sucked me in and wouldn't let go. Hahn expertly handles tough topics while penning a deep feeling love story. One of my favorite books of the year!
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Battling their own heartache, demons, and ghosts of the past, Clay Coolidge and Annie Mathers are thrown together on the summer's hottest tour. As the temperatures and concert numbers rise from city to city, so does the angst and tension between Clay and Annie. And let me tell you it is thicker than a Mississippi mud pie! 

Mixed with golden country classics, we also get this amazing soundtrack of original music/lyrics that I would LEGIT pay for and listen to on repeat until my ears fell off. Seriously, take my money!

A story that instantly jumps out at you with a thought out plot, fleshed out characters, and the sheer realness of being on tour complete with the chaos and immediateness of it all. Clay and Annie's "on stage" chemistry is straight out of the Cash's playbook. SWOON. 

Inspired by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, 'You'd Be Mine' strikes all the right cords and it is not to be missed!
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I just want to start off by saying that this isn’t a bad book. It’s one of those “it’s not you, it’s me” books; I can totally understand why it’ll work for some people, but it just didn’t for me. 

The writing and the story were both decent, but the characters fell massively flat for me; I just didn’t really care about them, and I kept forgetting all of their names because they just merged into one. To be honest, the only thing I felt towards them was irritation. 

What It’s About

The story is told in dual POVs, and follows Clay and Annie, the former being an established country singer, while the latter is an up-and-coming country star with two legendary parents. Their paths cross when Annie is persuaded to join Clay’s tour as an opening act, and the pair get off to a less-than-stellar start. Annie is determined not to be like her superstar parents, dying for a toxic love, and Clay is fighting his own demons. 

The Characters

While I totally understand that Clay was struggling with his lifestyle, I still struggled to like him. He lashed out a lot towards Annie, saying more than once that he was better than she was. 

I love complicated characters, but Clay just irritated me. I got bored of the whole “She deserves someone better” because it’s like yeah, she does, she deserves someone who doesn’t completely show her up on stage in front of thousands of people? 

Annie was probably the best character in this book, but even then she was pretty boring. I don’t even have much I can say about her, other than the fact she’s your typical ‘good girl’.

The Verdict

I’m aware this review isn’t all that complimentary, and you’re probably wondering why I even gave it three stars. But, honestly, the writing and the idea of the story were both good, it was just the characters I didn’t like. And I’m a massively character-based reader, so I was very disappointed. 

*thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing a galley for review*
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After a bit of a confusing start, this book was easy to read. At points, the storyline seemed a bit unrealistic, but still almost in the realm of plausibility.

At first, I didn't quite like Clay, but after a bit into the book, the author developed him a bit more, making him a more likable person. I always liked the character of Annie, but felt as though she could have been developed past the girl with messed up parents.
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I loved loved loved You'd Be Mine. The crazy messed up love story of Clay (Jefferson) and Annie will have you hooked from the first chapter. I am a fan of country music and knew I was just going to enjoy this book. I can't wait to read Erin Hahn's next book.
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I would list this one more as a adult fiction then YA but it was still a good read. I would recommend it for fans of romance.
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very cute story with 19-20 year old country music main characters. lots of singing, band bonding, romance, and then some drug addiction, deep childhood traumas, and then aiming to overcome all that.

here are some things I disapproved of:
1. BAPTISM SCENE. because I'm not really religious and it felt mostly ridiculous and then like a super lazy writing device to lead into number 2.
2. overcoming 2 solid years of addiction in 1 day. seriously? no. baptism aside, this does not seem possible in any reality.
3. that they could just cancel a week of a national tour with ZERO repercussions. no one got yelled at? just a phone call and it was cut for a week? implausible.

dismissing these reality check moments, I did like the main characters and how they had some actual tough things to overcome and work out in their music and with each other. i liked the supporting characters. I loved the ending. I turned the page expecting an epilogue or another chapter, but nope, it just ends right there but really it's the perfect ending. I really like the cover. 

I think this will do quite well with 15-18 year olds, especially in the south or wherever country music is enjoyed. not that you need to like country music to enjoy this but I think that and being a little religious might help.
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I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of Erin Hahn's You'd Be Mine early to review.  This book is set in the country music's capital of Nashville, TN. I am a southern girl myself who has a devote love of country music. I found myself engrossed in the plot.
 In this book, you meet two very different characters. Annie is the sweet good girl who has the voice of an angel. Clay is the bad boy who takes to the party scene. They are quickly paired together and being called the next Johnny and June. This is a precious duo that you quickly fall in love with and hang on their every move.  Will Annie be able to save Clay or will his career end as quickly as it began?
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Sweet and poignant musical romance that hit all the right buttons for me.
Characters you wanted to love and who you wanted to love one another. With enough tragedy to bring the tears and make the road less than smooth. (I feel a Veronica Mars - well Logan - quote coming on. "No one ever writes songs about the ones that come easy." No one writes those books either.)

Highly recommended as a lyrical romance.
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I received an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review. 

The story was cute and the idea is really clever, but the love story itself is kind of a slow burn. For Johnny and June fans only
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