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Although this was a cute concept, I don't think it would be an item I would add to my library's collection. Based on the blurb, You'd Be Mine seemed to have decent potential, but the characters and story line seemed predictable.
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This contemporary romance has a lot more going on than just romance, which gives this book a lot to offer a reader beyond a love story. While never delving too deep into the consequences of suicide and life in the lime light, the book provides a window into what a reader might like to know about being a singer songwriter in the modern country genre. An aspect of the story I enjoyed was the parallel made between Johnny Cash/June Carter and our book couple. The book acknowledges how iconic Johnny and June are to the country music world and this acknowledgement helps set up Clay and Annie as a couple on their tour. I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy music, regardless of genre, and like to see a good relationship grow and develop.
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While I loved the book, as a 7th-grade teacher, the emphasis on drinking and drug use makes it hard to use in the classroom.  I liked the dynamic and how they were working through everything they faced to come out stronger.  I would recommend this for high school and up.
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I really enjoyed this story of love and redemption and will definitely read again.  It deals with hard topics but in a way that is refreshing. I am so happy there was no love triangle.
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This is the authors debut novel and based off this one I definitely look forward to reading more from her in the future. You'd Be Mine was such a great read. I enjoyed the main and side characters and the storyline was a good one. There was never a dull moment in this story for me and I think this is one story all readers should give a try especially those who love country music. I think this story will touch their soul. I would recommend readers to give this one a try. It won't be for all but I sure it will be for most.
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This story is inspired by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. The main characters Clay and Annie are both country singers and you follow them on their tour with Annie being the opening act for Clay.

Annie's parents were country singers and led a hard and tragic path that ended with them losing their lives abruptly. This has haunted Annie and leaves her fearing that she will inevitably follow the same path. Annie is determined to make a name for herself that is separate from her parents. Her passion for music doesn't stop her from following her dreams. The tour with Clay is her way to get her noticed and have a music career of her own. Annie has the drive and talent when it comes to singing as well as song writing. I enjoyed seeing Annie fight for her dream and I enjoyed the friendship with her bandmates Kasey and Jason. I also liked seeing the friendships she forms with Clay and Fitz while on tour. 

Clay has a successful singing career, but has his struggles as well. Clay is still grieving the loss of those he loved and he tends to bury his sorrow in drinking and keeping people at a distance. Never wanting to let others in. When Clay and Annie start touring together Clay starts falling for Annie, but fears that he is not good enough for her and thus starts having a self sabotaging behavior. Both characters have their struggles and want to overcome all their misfortunes. The performance scenes were fun to read with both Annie and Clay bantering with one another. I enjoyed seeing the building of friendship between the two and each realizing their feelings for one another beyond friendship. 

This was a fast, cute read that has a love story that is influenced by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. A fun read for country music fans.
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I wish I could love this book, but I just didn't. 

I don’t think I understand the charm of this novel because I’m Australian and know nothing about the country scene in America. Also, country boys just aren’t my thing, but I am interested in reading novels about musicians or complex characters dealing with real issues.

You’d Be Mine follows Clay, a country singer that needs to alleviate his bad reputation after a few stints with his underage drinking problem. To fix the issue, his record label asks him to enlist the help of Annie, an online sensation who has been in hiding since her parents passed away five years ago. Annie’s parents were country music legends and she’s managed to maintain a good reputation throughout her career, while her online presence will bring more fame to Clay on tour.

Except, both Annie and Clay have been through their fair share of heartbreak and loss. At times they bond over past experiences, and on the other hand, they’re distant and wary about what a relationship could do to them in the future.

The pacing at the beginning was quite slow. Despite being set on a tour, this novel is very uneventful. We’re sporadically on the stage with the characters, while we follow them around doing nothing off of it. I only continued reading because I heard from other reviewers that it improved, but I wasn’t seeing any of that for myself. The setting also didn’t draw me in since I was confused about where we were the entire time. Despite having chapter headings that inform you of the location, there are no proper descriptions to guide the audience through the character’s surroundings. In fact, there was one specific scene where I couldn’t tell they were having a radio interview until the end where they mentioned microphones. To put it simply: it was just confusing.

The main characters have the chemistry of two different sized cardboard boxes. At the beginning of their “relationship” when they interacted, I saw literally no connection. Clay was abrasive and rude towards Annie for no good reason, and the only time I felt something between them was when they were arguing. I still wasn’t entirely sold on them after they kissed either. In the end, I just wasn’t a fan of these two together. After 300+ pages developing their relationship, you still couldn’t convince me that they have an ounce of chemistry at all. There were some moments that grasped my heart, but the rest was just bland.

I did find the characters interesting and complex. Annie has been a damaged girl since the passing of her parents and hasn’t particularly turned to healthy coping methods. In certain scenes when she remembered the pain of losing her parents were heartbreaking and very moving. In fact, her character and ability to thrive after all this struggling was my favourite part of the book, overall. Clay has also been through a list of heartbreak: losing his mother and older brother while he copes with alcohol. His addiction to alcohol could be more developed on top of the fact that he gets sober by just deciding to stop. I would have sympathised with his character more if his strength in deciding to get sober was more obvious on the page.

Consequently, I just found this to be an average contemporary novel. I’d definitely recommend to anyone who liked Open Road Summer by Emery Lord, or those who like reading stories about characters that experience real-life issues. Otherwise, this isn’t a standout novel in the contemporary genre.
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4.5 stars 

New author has a number one hit. 

A poignant and meaningful story about getting everything you want too fast and how to deal with the blows life gives you. 

Highly recommend to all YA fans looking for a wonderful written, unique, and heartwarming story with likeable characters and sweet romance. 

**ARC provided for honest review. **
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I'd been wanting to read this book since first hearing about it months ago -- you had me at "a retelling of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash" --  and was so excited to receive my ARC. 

Annie and Clay stole my heart with their realness. I loved reading about the role each of them felt like they needed to play, contrasted to who they really were. Country music's bad boy, Clay, is so multi-layered despite his one-dimensional mega-star status. He was wrestling with his own demons, and Annie wouldn't let him walk away from them. Good girl Annie, heir to country music legends with a tragic end, is torn between wanting to do what she loves most -- sing -- and wanting to avoid repeating her parents' volatile relationship. 

But when Annie and Clay are together, their fans, friends, and family can all see that despite their relationship being a bad idea, it's bound to happen. The chemistry between the two was great, and the obstacles to their successful relationship kept the tension high throughout. The swoon worthy relationship will have fans routing for Annie and Clay throughout!
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It's a little bit country... A little bit, well let's just say some of the issues raised by this book are big ones. Clay is a perfect country star - talented, gorgeous and with his own personal demons. Rejection, heartbreak and addictions abound for this young man. And Annie, well she's the only reason Clay still has a contract. Her acquiescence to support him on tour means that she has to confront her tragic history in front of the entire country world. Including those who she feels contributed to her heartbreak.

Whilst this book deals with such heavy issues, it is also a really fun read. The characters work well together and they are easy to root for. Alternating chapter perspectives help the reader understand character decisions that feel uncertain without this insight.

I'd give this a 4/5 star rating and would recommend to fans of YA and country music!

An advance reading copy (egalley) was provided through the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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This book made me want to jump in my car, put the windows down, and belt out the lyrics to my favorite country songs while driving on a country road—and so I did.
I was only a few chapters in when I texted Kyleigh and Lauren: This is the most Amanda book I’ve ever read. Romance? Country music? A Beauty and the Beast reference? IT’S ME, YOU GUYS! THIS BOOK WAS MADE FOR ME!
I loved every single moment of this book. It was such a fun read. I laughed, I teared up, and I had the most ridiculous grin on my face for the entire book. But most importantly, this book did the one thing I didn’t expect and didn’t even know I needed until I read it: You’d Be Mine made me remember why I love YA contemporaries. 
I feel a lot of young adult contemporaries get a bad reputation because they’re about a girl who’s in high school who’s entire life revolves around a boy and it’s made out to be a life-or-death, end-of-the-world situation. Throw in the stereotypical mean girl and there it is: the stereotypical YA book that comes to mind when you even read the words “YA Contemporary.” And let’s be real, we’ve all read one of those.
But YA contemporaries are supposed to be fun. I would be willing to bet we’ve all had those moments of mean girls and crushes at some time. But as an older YA reader, it’s sometimes hard to remember those feelings of “How can I go on now?” when we are now faced with the problems that are more “adult.” 
You’d Be Mine reminds me of the fun. It’s about a girl and a boy. It’s about charm and crushes. But it turns the YA contemporary stereotype on its head, because it’s not about a girl chasing a boy. It’s not about a girl begging a boy to notice her. It’s not about the end of the world as they know it. It’s about a girl who is a rising country music star. It’s about a boy who is a country music star. It’s about love of all kinds: love of friends and of family, romantic love, love of the work you do, and love of one’s faith. 
Erin Hahn does an absolute fantastic job of presenting all of this in a story that is impossible to put down. I loved that characters, from Annie and Clay to all of the supporting characters. I loved the setting of concerts and the road-trip vibe. It was the ultimate summer read for me, and it made me long for Tennessee summers, cowboy boots, and country concerts.
I just have one request: I need a soundtrack from this book because I need to hear this songs.
I look forward to reading more from Erin Hahn in the future, and I have a strong feeling she will become one of the rare contemporary YA auto-buy authors for me.
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It was a bit of a slow start for me in the beginning and I didn’t like Clay much but it turned out to be an okay story.
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In one word: PERFECTION

Hahn's cast of characters is irresistible.  

Annie IS America's sweetheart: a wonderful balance of silly & mature, with a fresh personality that just defies all the pressure that builds up around her. She's so strong and pure-hearted, digging into the best of those around her even when they don't deserve it. Jason and Kacey, Annie's friends/family and bandmates, bring some lighthearted antics and balance to Annie's heavy baggage. As a group, they're a beautiful blend of personalities that have a palpable chemistry, and it's easy to feel the love between them. 

Clay Coolidge aka America's county bad boy is charming and a bit broken. He can be a real jerk, but there's something so soft and vulnerable about him at the same time. He's grieving, and lost, and thinks so little of himself. Like many others, I just can't resist the broken ones. 

Fitz, Clay's bandmate and surrogate big brother, is easygoing, full of energy, and shares the same suave charisma that Clay's been endowed with. What more could you want?

One of the things I liked most about You'd Be Mine is the way Hahn creates and handles the parallel between Annie/Clay and Annie's mother and father. You'd Be Mine is a story about an earnest and passionate singer's star shining bright, but it's also a story about a girl who falls into ill-advised love. 

Addiction and toxic love are some hefty issues, and Hahn masterfully approaches them both in way that shares her characters' story without glorifying either. Annie's parents succumbed to the most vicious parts of their desires, putting their selfishness before their daughter, and we see the ripple effect that their snap decisions made through Annie's life. 

When it comes to Annie & Clay, we get those elements of a whirlwind romance, the ones that make readers squeal and sigh with envy, but Hahn also takes care of her characters. Whirlwind might work in the average young adult romance, but it's not a perfect fit for these damaged teens. The way she resolves their romance and concludes the novel is so very well-done. I love that she kept all of the appealing romantic elements, but in a healthy way that doesn't let the romance take over reality. 

Overall, I truly loved this book, and I wish it was coming out sooner, so the world could read it too.
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Annie and Clay are both burgeoning country music stars, both young and beautiful, and both full of some heavy baggage from their pasts. When they get together for a summer tour, both are forced to face their demons and decide if love can save or derail them once and for all.

While this had its cute moments, I felt, overall, that the story was overwrought. The present tense plot is hard to get absorbed in (maybe a personal preference). The characters fell in love with very little interactions, and they were kept apart by many invisible barriers that were hard to remember. 

I do think some teens would enjoy the fantasy of country music stars on the rise falling in love, but there are better YA romances out there.
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2 stars.

I think I'm getting to a point where I'm too old for these types of books. Or I've read too many of them and now they bleed into one huge pile of the same stuff I've been reading for a decade. 

Teenagers who happen to be country music stars, guy who is a bit of an asshole and a too-good-for-him heroine that should never be dating, go through drama (a bit too much religious stuff for my liking) and angst. I skipped some parts, kind of enjoyed others.
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I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book (from NetGalley).  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  : )
I really loved this book!  (I am also not a huge country music fan, so that should not deter anyone from reading this.)  Clay and Annie are two of the most lovable and endearing characters that I have encountered in a long time!!!  The plights of both teens are very real and the accounts of their behaviors and emotions are so vividly accurate for their situations.  This was a novel worth losing myself in--it was so good that it was over before I wanted it to be...  I will DEFINITELY read more from Erin Hahn when it becomes available.  A big thank you to her and to NetGalley!
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I absolutely loved this book. It's perfect for anyone who loved the TV show Nashville. It's a behind-the-scenes of the country music industry story, but also a swoony romance, with flawed characters and well-drawn characters arcs. I flew through it, and my only complaint is that I wish I could have listened to the original songs.
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I loved this story! It sucked me in and wouldn't let go. Hahn expertly handles tough topics while penning a deep feeling love story. One of my favorite books of the year!
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Battling their own heartache, demons, and ghosts of the past, Clay Coolidge and Annie Mathers are thrown together on the summer's hottest tour. As the temperatures and concert numbers rise from city to city, so does the angst and tension between Clay and Annie. And let me tell you it is thicker than a Mississippi mud pie! 

Mixed with golden country classics, we also get this amazing soundtrack of original music/lyrics that I would LEGIT pay for and listen to on repeat until my ears fell off. Seriously, take my money!

A story that instantly jumps out at you with a thought out plot, fleshed out characters, and the sheer realness of being on tour complete with the chaos and immediateness of it all. Clay and Annie's "on stage" chemistry is straight out of the Cash's playbook. SWOON. 

Inspired by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, 'You'd Be Mine' strikes all the right cords and it is not to be missed!
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I just want to start off by saying that this isn’t a bad book. It’s one of those “it’s not you, it’s me” books; I can totally understand why it’ll work for some people, but it just didn’t for me. 

The writing and the story were both decent, but the characters fell massively flat for me; I just didn’t really care about them, and I kept forgetting all of their names because they just merged into one. To be honest, the only thing I felt towards them was irritation. 

What It’s About

The story is told in dual POVs, and follows Clay and Annie, the former being an established country singer, while the latter is an up-and-coming country star with two legendary parents. Their paths cross when Annie is persuaded to join Clay’s tour as an opening act, and the pair get off to a less-than-stellar start. Annie is determined not to be like her superstar parents, dying for a toxic love, and Clay is fighting his own demons. 

The Characters

While I totally understand that Clay was struggling with his lifestyle, I still struggled to like him. He lashed out a lot towards Annie, saying more than once that he was better than she was. 

I love complicated characters, but Clay just irritated me. I got bored of the whole “She deserves someone better” because it’s like yeah, she does, she deserves someone who doesn’t completely show her up on stage in front of thousands of people? 

Annie was probably the best character in this book, but even then she was pretty boring. I don’t even have much I can say about her, other than the fact she’s your typical ‘good girl’.

The Verdict

I’m aware this review isn’t all that complimentary, and you’re probably wondering why I even gave it three stars. But, honestly, the writing and the idea of the story were both good, it was just the characters I didn’t like. And I’m a massively character-based reader, so I was very disappointed. 

*thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing a galley for review*
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