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Night and Silence

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I received a free ARC of this book via NetGalley.  

I may have squeed a little about that, because who could resist a chance to learn what happens next to Toby and the gang as soon as possible?  As we open this book, everyone is still dealing with the aftermath of Tybalt and Jazz's kidnapping in "The Brightest Fell."  Mainly, Tybalt is dealing with it by avoiding everyone.  Which is a problem, because October's now-mortal daughter, Gillian, has been kidnapped in turn (yes, AGAIN).  In the ensuing adventure, more fey secrets are revealed, and more characters find themselves transformed (in more ways than one).  It's another solid entry in the series, and you should also do your best to read it as soon as you can!
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Another great October Daye book! I could read these all day long; Ms McGuire’s characters and writing are just that well done and that enthralling. We get to see see more of Gillian and meet more of Toby’s family. And after Toby gets into some serious trouble (as per usual), we see my favorite, The Luidaeg, more, so yay(?) Another reason to celebrate: a bonus novella told from Gillian’s point of view.  
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I really do love the October Daye books. Just when you think October's personal life isn't complicated enough, it gets even more complicated. She's dealing with the fallout of her mother kidnapping Tybalt along with the kidnapping of her daughter. Again. The relationship between October, Cliff, and Miranda is interesting. There are quite a few twists that I didn't see coming and I'm interested to see the consequences in later books. Not only do I love October, but all of the supporting characters are awesome and add depth to the story. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series!
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