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This was a 'Read Now' graphic novel at Net Galley and a reviewer takes their chances with works in that category! I frequent it because there is a gem in there often enough to make it worthwhile. This was not such a read, unfortunately. The artwork was monotonous, indifferent, and dull, and the story was lacking in anything compelling, although I did finish it, since it's only 160 pages. Had it been longer I would probably have DNF'd it.

The story is of Herakles (more popularly known as Hercules in the same way that nuclear is too often known as nu-cue-ler in our illiterate society unfortunately). Legend has it that Herakles murdered his entire family and to atone for it, he had to live with his cousin, King Eurystheus, for twelve years, during which time, he could have his indentured servant do whatever tasks he saw fit to lay on Herakles.

Herakles was famously tasked with completing ten labors nearly all of which involved animals. I don't know what that says about ancient Greek society (maybe that it was agricultural back then?). In two of these tasks, he was disqualified because he had help, so he ended up doing the dirty dozen (so to speak!):
Slay the Nemean lion, which was a shapeshifter
Slay the Lernaean Hydra which had been created for the express purpose of slaying Herakles
Capture the Ceryneian deer, which was faster than a speeding arrow
Bring back the fearsome Erymanthian Boar alive
Clean the stables of King Augeas which hadn't been cleaned in three decades and which held 1,000 cattle
Defeat the carnivorous Stymphalian birds which had beaks of bronze
Capture the Cretan Bull
Capture the carnivorous Mares of Diomedes
Retrieve the belt of Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons
Rustle the cattle of Geryon
Retrieve some of the golden apples of the Hesperides
Capture Kerberos, the multi-headed hound of Hades
Clearly these tasks are based on constellations!
The author tries to inject humor into the story but it fell flat for me, and I did not enjoy these adventures at all. I wish the author all the best in his endeavors, but I have no intention of reading any more volumes in this series.
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I love mythology, always have. Ever since the 5th grade when the school library got in a book on Gods and Monsters. I was hooked. I love all the different types of pantheons out there, but one of my favorite characters has to be the demigod, Hercules. Half human, half God, all hero- his story is one of tragedy and redemption and is a testament to the human spirit. With Herakles, we get a new take on a familiar hero's journey, with an art style all it's own. 

By Edouard Cour with an English translation from Jeremy Melloul, this book comes to the states thanks to Lion Forge and The Magnetic Collection. The book follows the legendary labors of Herakles, world-renowned and retold countless times. Cour's vibrant art and colors, with a very disproportionate and fable vibe to it, not to mention Greek graphic elements, make for a perfect fit for the hero. This mature readers book takes the reader down a number of Herakles' challenges, from killing the Nemea Lion to catching the Ceryneian Hind to defeating the menacing Hydra. 

We see familiar faces from the fabled stories throughout the years, like Iolaus, who for many made a name for himself in the celebrated TV series. Hercules The Legendary Journeys. The book looks and feels legendary: the color palette shifts from bright and sunny to stark and dark, depending on the mood of the scene. I got a kick out of seeing this version of Herakles try to tackle this impossible tasks, and the vibe of the book is playful, enjoyable, yet deadly serious. Which makes sense as that is how myths are most of the time.

I am thoroughly impressed with book one of Herakles. Lion Forge and The Magnetic Collection do the world a great service by bringing this book to the states. Cour is a creative juggernaut, delivering a fresh new take on a story we have heard of since we were kids. The Gods are strong with this book: I highly recommend this iteration of Herakles to fans of mythology and even those that are just seeking a good story.
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While I love Greek Mythology, and this story in particular, I wasn't a big fan of the art style and found it hard to concentrate on the story.
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This really wasn’t the book for me. I found the drawings rather dull, and I didn’t connect with the characters as much as I wanted to.  But despite all this, I appreciated the unique premise and it’s Interesting spin on the tale of Herakles.
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So, I went into this with low expectations, because I saw so many bad reviews. But I was pleasantly surprised. I don't like the art style, but I think it fits perfectly with the tone of the book. What I enjoyed the most though, was the fact that we see Herakles in a different light. He's dumb, impulsive and basically a dick, and I love it lol. I will definitely be reading the other two volumes.
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This was an interesting take on the tale of Herakles (Hercules) but was not really in a style that I loved. I did enjoy how Herakles was not glamorized in this graphic novel but it was a bit darker than I had expected. If you enjoy Greek Mythology and a grittier story this might just be right up your alley. Also, this is an adult story.
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This is probably more of a 2.5 but I rounded down because it just could not keep my attention. It was an interesting enough concept and I did enjoy the manifestation of Herakles' 'demons' as it were, but there was definitely just something missing for me. Also while the art style is definitely interesting and unique, it is not a style that I really like and also was a bit dark and hard to follow at times. I'm sure this will be a great read for some people but it was a miss for me.
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This, well, to be honest this wasn't my cup of tea. I thought the drawings lacked something, and I didn't find myself relating to any of the characters. Knowing the book was written in French, I wonder if this version is simply missing something that made it feel more grounded in its original publication. Being a fan of some Marvel and most DC comics, this just didn't feel up to par to me.
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Several stories of Herakles where he has to prove his worth. Artwork rather plain and hard to see since many pages were dark. Frontal nudity gives it an adult rating. Would like more detail in artwork and abetter story.
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I was looking forward to reading Herakles Book 1, but I really struggled to get through this.  I thought the premise of Heracles being painted as a doofus-y jerk had a lot of potential, and I did see a bit of the humour I'd expected peeking through here and there.  But I could not get past the overly dark artwork and teeny tiny print. Some of the panels might as well have been blank for all I could tell what was going on.

In the end, there was just not enough of the humour I was expecting to make it worth having slogged through so many confusing pages.

Thank you to NetGalley and Diamond Book Distributors for providing me with a free electronic ARC of this book.
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In Herakles, Cour puts a new spin on the well-known myth of the labors of Hercules. 

First off, I absolutely loved the art style. Cour's art has so much movement and emotion, it tied in perfectly to the tale of Hercules. There isn't much needed to be said about the story, since it is already very familiar. The twist that sets this graphic novel off from other retellings is that Hercules (or Herakles) is actually quite a jerk, although he is continuously haunted by his past and the people he has killed. I liked how this story gave me a new perspective on the myth of Hercules since I never really thought of him as a lonely, bitter man. He is half human after all. 

Although it did shed some new light while I read, I couldn't really give it a full five stars because it didn't pull any strong emotions out of me. Even though I felt bad for Hercules, and the story was fun to read, it didn't have a lasting impression on me like a full 5 star novel would have. 

Herakles is a fun retelling of the Hercules myth, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who love myths and graphic novels smashed awesomely together.
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This is an interesting take on the mythology of Hercules. The art style is not for me and the story was a little boring.
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This telling of Herakles shows a demigod who may be able to run nonstop for a full year, punch flesh-eating beasts into unconsciousness with just one blow of his giant fists, break stones the size of homes, and defeat small armies on his own. At the same time, he is also man who can be a slave to his rage, is literally weighed down by ghosts from his past, is a bit of a lumbering, simple doof, and time and time again finds himself in the most tragicomic of situations. 

To put it another way, despite his strength and fantastic feats, he's hardly the dashing hero type. This is perhaps the most human depiction of the great mythological figure I've ever seen, which (along with the artwork) makes this an incredibly enjoyable read. I greatly look forward to the next book in the series.
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This is the most boring retelling of Hercules I have come across.  Each labour was drawn out with too many panels of ill looking illustrations.
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2,5/5. An adaptation of the well know myth of Herakles or Hercules, if I'm not mistaken those two are actually the same person. The graphic part of it is beautiful and have a different style, so it get out from the mass in this aspect. The story in itself, well it's an old story, but I would say the adaptation doesn't bring anything really new and I find some part kind of flirting with a style of humor that didn't please me, so it loose some points theres for me. Original, but not that great.
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