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Creating Things That Matter

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penny s, Reviewer

Creating Things That Matter: The Art and Science of Innovations That Last makes a bold promise, and while well intentioned is a little shy of the mark. To be fair, since publication and this reviewer’s read of the title, the world has changed drastically. Robust and resilient innovations are adaptations are needed now more than ever. Overall Edwards’ exploration of creative innovation is still a useful read because it covers a range of disciplines. However, some of the examples either read as fan mail or have not passed the harsh test of time; this makes them frustrating to read.

While there is no simple checklist that can guarantee creative – and lasting – results, over the course of the book, Edwards guides the reader through the creative cycle. He uses a variety of examples, both from his own experience and that of others to show how potentially disparate pieces can fit together. It is not a book that feels cohesive cover-to-cover. The first two parts (The Aesthetics of Creating and The Creator’s Cycle) are one section with the third part (Making a Future We All Want) an interesting yet different read. This shift takes away from the overall book.

I recommend Creating Things That Matter to readers curious about the framework of creativity and how innovations journey and evolve.
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