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I love how the whole storyline has been portrayed. The story makes sure you stay on the edge of your seat. Such a gripping, nail-biting read that will leave you wanting to turn those pages till you have devoured the entire book. It will definitely leave you wanting to one click all of this authors books. I'm going to be keeping my eye on this one for sure.
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"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Seek" is an impressive continuation of the classic "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". I liked how the author continued the story by throwing doubt on the events of the original story and how he developed the original characters further without changing their previous characterization.

Personally, I prefer "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Seek" to "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". Presenting Mr. Utterson as an increasingly unreliable narrator made the original story more interesting to me and I like how the resolution of this story is just as sudden and open as the original.

Overall, a worthy continuation to a well-known classic.
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I was so pleasantly surprised by this book! To take on the task of writing a sequel to one of the most well known and well-loved classics out there is not something most people would do other than for their own pleasure but Anthony really does RLS justice! I actually read this straight after the original and though unique in its own right, they read seamlessly. O'Neill grasped RLS voice and emulated it perfectly and although he challenged the end of RLS book, he did not take from its integrity... is that the word? I know what I mean. Basically he took nothing away from the original and it is something fans of RLS will love!
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This was a fun and short read- about the length of a novella. I don't know if I ever actually read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but I believe this is intended to be as a kind of sequel. Nowadays, I tend to think of identity theft as a modern crime, but of course this is a conceit. It is as old as time.
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If you haven't read Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (or haven't read it in a long time), I suggest reading that short book first. Stevenson's book was published in 1886; therefore, the writing style is antiquated and can be somewhat slow going for some readers. I happen to love that classic style because it keeps you engaged and interested in the story.

On that note, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Seek: The Strange Case Continues follows that writing style, making the story feel like a natural continuation of Stevenson's literary classic. Anthony O'Neill definitely captures the atmosphere and the characterization, adding his own imaginative possibilities of "what if...?".

O'Neill takes Stevenson's theme of dual personalities (good and evil) to the next level in the form of identity theft (or perceived identity theft, depending on the reader's interpretation), which is still a form of good and evil, adding another interesting layer to the overall plot. 

The story picks up seven years later, and Jekyll's lawyer, Utterson, finds himself in quite the quandary when Jekyll reappears. But is it really Jekyll, or is it an evil impostor trying to claim Jekyll's estate before Utterson can inherit? That's the big question throughout the book, especially for Utterson. 

The most interesting aspect of this book is that it can be difficult to tell what is real and what is not. As readers, we are left wondering is Utterson being gaslighted? Is he being driven to the extreme to unmask an impostor (alienating friends, ditching his job, making greed look like his motivation)? Or is he indeed spiraling into madness?

The clues go in all directions, and trying to piece them together is almost impossible, for both Utterson and the reader.

When the dust settles (sort of) at the end, the reader is left pondering Utterson's fate. I personally think he is being gaslighted. What do you think?
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Mr. Hyde has been dead for seven years, and Dr. Jekyll has been missing for as many. As the time is rapidly approaching for the latter to be presumed dead, a man claiming to be the long lost doctor reappears. The resemblance is uncanny, and the man seems to talk and act like Dr. Jekyll. But no matter how much everyone else has been fooled, Mr Utterson, Henry Jekyll's faithful lawyer, refuses to fall for the trick. Something is eerily off in this situation. and Utterson is determined to uncover the truth.

Have you ever wondered what a sequel to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde would look like? Now you can actually read a unique, thrilling version of such a sequel. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Seek is a dark, mysterious tale of secrets, fraud, faithfulness and intelligence. It is fast-paced, attention grasping and intriguing. 

Although it is a quick read, it doesn't fail to amuse, shock and surprise the reader. You will come to like Mr Utterson instantly, falling in love with his faithfulness and determination. Bonus points for unexpected ending - one of the best I have read in a mystery book for quite a while. This is a particularly good book to read if mystery or horror is your favorite genre.
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This was an absolutely delicious book!  Everything about it was perfection!  
The story was original and so well thought out I wanted to give the author a standing ovation.  
What a fantastic, unique reading experience!  It took something "old" and made it new again and what a fun ride it was!!! READ THIS BOOK!!!!!
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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Seek: The Strange Case Continues
by Anthony O'Neill

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Lou Jacobs's review
Jul 01, 2018  ·  edit

really liked it

A modern day "penny dreadful" dreadful .. harkening back to Victorian England. Gabriel Utterson reprises his role as Jekyll's lawyer and reported closest friend. It's been seven years since Jekyll's mysterious "disappearance" ... and Utterson is about to assume full control of Jekyll's estate. Suddenly a man "disguised" as Dr Jekyll and another as Mr Hyde appear and take up residence in Jekyll's home. Utterson knows this is utterly absurd ... he witnessed the death of Mr Hyde ... who he knew was actually Dr Jekyll transformed. In the original "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" written by Robert Lewis Stephenson and published in 1886 Utterson investigated the strange occurrences between his friend and the evil Mr. Edward Hyde and documented their singularity. This was so well received that it has entered the common vernacular of our language .... "like Jekyll and Hyde' refers to a person of dual nature... both good and extremely evil.
In the fashion of a penny dreadful of Victorian England Anthony O'Neill spins a marvelously cerebral tale which is well plotted and documents the maddening and frustrating investigative efforts that Utterson encounters while trying to prove that this preposterous claim is false ... while many close associates of Dr Jekyll start expiring with "unfortunate accidents"
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He's an imposter! - Or is he?

Set seven  years after the events of the original novel, this book is an amazing continuation of events! Jekyll has returned to claim what is his, or has he? This is an edge of your seat novel. This book will leave you guessing the whole way through. Is or isn't this man who he claims to be? With everything stacked against him one man sets off to find out if he claims to be Jekyll is an imposter. This book will leave you wanting so much more and turning the pages faster than you can blink. Absolutely a new favorite of mine. I could not put this book down for a second.
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