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In The Au Pair Emma Rous presents us with the story of questioned parenthood and questionable deaths.  Why do twins Danny and Seraphine look so different from one another?  Why did Ruth throw herself from a cliff just hours after giving birth? What has upset present-day Laura?  Who is making threats against the present day family?  The answers are all there for the discerning reader to find well before the end of the book and Rous’s writing style will glue some readers to the page.  Her use of alternating narrators in alternating time periods helps elevate the novel from others in the genre. The few major characters are explored in some depth, yet at the end I found myself detached from all of them, even the two narrators.  There are too many coincidences and suspensions of belief needed to really “buy” the story.  Yet, it is a good read for a cold winter’s night and many readers will find themselves swept into the story.
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An entertaining twisty plot that keeps one guessing until the end. Told from 2 different time frames, it became a bit confusing in the first part but it eventually became clear what was going on. Enjoyed the characters and a great plot.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an eARC of this book.
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Oh My. 
What I loved: I loved the writing in this one. I liked how the story was talked in alternating narrators AND alternating timelines. I thought it was a fantastic way to tell this story. It really drew me in. 
What I liked: To me it felt like the setting was almost a character in the story...and I liked that.
What I hated: It was a bit predictable. But not too obnoxiously predictable.
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Just hours old, Seraphina and her twin brother are left without a mother hours after their birth when their mother commits suicide. Years later, after the death of her father, she finds a photo of her family right after her birth, but there’s only one baby. This is a twisted and creepy story, a perfect way to create chills on a hot summer day
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