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6 out of 5 stars: I am absolutely thrilled!

Milo is a very charismatic and dangerous character who I couldn't sympathize with in the beginning. But this is changing after she gets to know Marcus who has its own bunch of problems. It is the ideal situation for a book which left me in awe.
Marcus is a depressed IT consultant fleeing into his work. What from? The reason is never said directly though the author gives like a thousand secret hints of what happened and the author is doing it in a very clever way. I think I know what happened. And this alone makes me want to read the book again to see if Im right.
I don't want to spoil anyone therefore let me just say that the emotional chaos and confrontation of Marcus with his own mysterious past nearly binds him to his Angel of Death. Without knowing they make the perfect couple though it doesn't seem like it at all in the beginning.
So Marcus chases his woman from San Francisco to London and saves her life more or less out of pure luck. Milo accepts Marcus as a student and takes him with her to Texas. But this is not a 'thank you' as she has her own reasons for training him.
In the middle of the book I started to see Marcus as another person, but not only because he has changed. You can feel there is something wrong with him, mental illness maybe? Schizophrenia? And this is an interesting aspect as he is the guy telling the story.
The same goes for Milo who starts to realize her student may have an even worse past then herself. Milo and I had the same questions. Why was it so easy for Marcus to give up his own life? What is the story with his father?
Marcus doesn't care at all about these things. He is where he thinks he belongs to. At the side of his 'woman' he has fallen in love with, living the life he never dreamed of, knowing that he can never reveal his feelings to Milo. But slowly... very slowly their relationship change. This lovestory enjoys developing itself. The book cover says this is based on a true story. I had the feeling whoever wrote these lines was in love. I felt this with every word chosen and the way Marcus speaks about Milo. It made me smile each time.
To avoid misunderstandings I need to make clear that both of them, Marcus and Milo, they are not good people. But they aren't bad either. Milo teaches him her codex. They are not assassins. They never kill unless they have to. Facing Milos dark world is as fascinating for Marcus as it was for me but as a reader I need to say that sometimes you need to have some balls!

This Action-Thriller deserves its name and has no other destination then Hollywood! Period. Punching and shooting is one thing, but to have a cool one-liner in each and every situation is a must for the two protagonists. This book has amazing fighting scenes where each one feels like its own choreography. It has an enjoyable, memorable lovestory of which I definitely need to know how its going to end. And its being told by Marcus himself. A depressed man haunted by his past suddenly finding a woman who discovers that there is a man willing to sacrifice his life for her. I feel sorry for those missing this book!
And it is getting even better as this is a Trilogy!

So now to the most important thing: When is the second part coming?

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