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I just have fallen in love. Many thanks to Mainbook Germany for an awesome night. I am usually not big with words so I am trying my best here.

So.. much.. Content

As an IT consultant Marcus is working 80 hours a week. Together with his friend Patrick he travels from one customer workshop to another around the world. The tremendous stress is taking its toll on him. Caffeine pills and lots of alcohol keep the body running. He is suffering from blackouts, hallucinations and depression.
All changes when he interrupts the surveillance mission of the mysterious Milo on coincidence. He totally falls in love. Maybe it is the freedom Milo emanates. Maybe it is his own past.. whatever it is, he is willing to give up everything he has. Marcus stumbles into a chain of shocking events full of tension which kept me on the edge of my seat many times until he saves the life of his Angel of Death. What astonished me the most was that even though Marcus has become a murderer I felt empathy for him. It is probably due to the circumstances that he had to. But still.. there are many situations in which I found myself having pity on him as he is the victim of fate. What would I do if my husband is in danger? Would I act different? It were those many similar questions I had throughout the story until I realized that Marcus hasn't just simply changed, but has become another person. Has he changed for the worse? The better? What defines good and evil especially if you had to do these terrible things just to survive or to save a loved one? Telling a story from the first-person perspective seems to be undervalued as Fiend is using this fact for an amazing trick which literally pulled the rug from under my feet. And I am excited to see how other readers will react on this.
The tone of the book changes when they arrive in Milos Hideout in Texas. It is where the story is getting even better as it is so goddamn funny to see how much pain and agony Marcus has to suffer. ME Fiend really makes sure Milos harsh training doesn't get boring at all until they face the antagonist, Kan. Another of many crazy detailed characters I would like to highlight. Kan is a choleric Yakuza boss who has a deep common past with Milo and very special reasons to engage both for a seemingly simple mission: 'Get me my briefcase.' Kan is the perfect enemy for a dangerous 'couple' like Marcus and Milo.
The story of the whole book is much deeper then it looks and unfolds very slow but what actually happens progresses tremendously fast. In the end I got much more then I expected and cannot wait to see what Fiend has to boast for part 2 and 3.

Writing Style

Absolutely fluent. No interruptions. No cuts in storytelling. Every action and thought is reasonable. During reading very often I felt like being in an action movie. Every part of the plot is fast. Fighting scenes and shootouts in combination with the sarcastic Marcus and Milo are a lot of fun. The author has done a very good job in developing the feelings of the protagonists throughout the story. Marcus is willing to do everything for his angel of death. Soon Milo is willing to bring sacrifices for her student too.


'Milo - ANGEL OF DEATH' is a thriller packed with action reminding me of Tarantino's greatest works.. while surpassing them! Seriously! Fiend doesn't spare his readers not a single second, his book is beautifully entertaining. Be ready for a story full of blood, violence, tension, a really funny and amazing love-story and two impressive characters that will surprise you many times!


There is only one goal. Follow Milo. That is all that counts ... all that matters ... all that is left.


On the parking lot Milo regards my ridiculous outfit closely.
‘I look like an idiot wearing that stuff.’
‘You don’t need a fake beard or hat for that.’
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