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Lost Solace

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This! Was! Amazing!
I love me a bit of Sci-fi. I wish it was real, I love reading about travelling the stars and being in space and AI's. And Lost Solace has it in spades. 
Opal, a criminal booted out of the military, has stolen a very clever ship, and is on a mission. 
Just one sentence, but it's already exciting! And the whole book lived up to the blurb; it was exciting and pulse pounding all the way through, even though the majority of it was Opal alone, with only her AI to keep her company. 
The prose is tight, well crafted, and has some lovely stream of consciousness interjections, which are very, very hard to insert into this style of book. It can be so easy to misuse them, and just confuse or bore your reader, but I really felt that the second slip was the best, and overall, worked very well. 
I'm invested in Opal and her mission, I'm excited to see the AI development, I want more! 
Super pleased with this book, and will be buying the sequel as soon as it comes out. 
Also really loved the subtle allusions to race and society, Opal being dark skinned. Her description is left up to your imagination for the most part, which is something I love in books (no more telling us what protag looks like in mirror, please!) apart from her skin. Yes! More WoC in sci-fi, please! 
Disappointed that the cover picture shows a very light skinned woman, who could be just tanned rather than a person of colour. But the author didn't draw the cover... So. 
I'm a major sucker for female characters, strong female characters and STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS IN SPACE! and the author delivers. 
Wonderful, also, a female perspective that I completely buy into written by a man, which is a brilliant achievement. Not one description of her boobily breasting anywhere! 
Will read more by this author! Buy this!

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