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The Editor

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I absolutely loved the premise of this novel: a struggling young writer, James, discovers his new editor to be none other than the extremely famous, Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Rowley does an incredible job crafting the character of Jackie to be both larger than life and simultaneously a down-to-earth woman. I loved the inclusion of historical details that make her a fully fleshed-out character.

The reason this wasn't a five-star read for me was because I only really loved the parts of the book that contained passages about Jackie. I loved her relationship with James and her skills as a talented editor. While there was one twist to keep things interesting about halfway through the book, there wasn't enough to keep me riveted. I just wanted more Jackie! The chapters that focused more on James just left me a tad bored (and I'm pretty familiar with the life of a writer!).

I would definitely read something else from Rowley - his style is charming - but I probably wouldn't recommend this one to everyone unless they're Jackie O fans already.

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