Dean Russo: A Retrospective

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 18 Dec 2018

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Chances are good if you're an American animal lover, you've seen Dean Russo's art featuring cats and dogs on t-shirts and bags at every animal lover store (I happened to be at a fair the day before I read this, and there were literally at least six booths carrying t-shirts).  His iconic combination of urban graffiti art and a love of animals is displayed in this retrospective, letting fans see how his work changed over a period of time.  Also, I didn't know he did animals other than cats and dogs until reading this.
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An art book... not much text here almost just the artwork from the artist. Is style is full of color, not necessarily my favorite art style, but his work is pretty. It have almost just animals artworks here (mostly cats and dogs but also elephants, lions, and many more). I would describe it's style by saying it's a black and white canvas of an animal and then he had tons of colors in it, kind of new school/graffiti in a way (I'm not artist or art expert so sorry if I describe it terribly wrong...). It worth looking at, but it won't become one of my favorite artist. Last point, all his works are very look-a-like, the animal and the colors change, but his style is a bit repetitive in my opinion.
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