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Virtual Harmony

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This is my first ever Liese Sherwood book. From what I understand about her work, it is the first time she is writing something like this. A whole book of short and sweet romantic stories. Normally perceived as  a Mystery/Thriller author, this book is a welcome change giving you that fuzzy feeling in your heart. Her stories have life in them and a very distinct tone which I enjoyed thoroughly.

Virtual Harmony and Other Short Sweet Romances, as the name indicates, is a collection of eleven romantic short stories with a diverse background and range of characters. All of these stories have one common theme obviously – Love. It’s not just some run-of-the-mill fairy tale love stories. These are love stories that we find around us every day. It’s about those little moments that bring people together. Stories of people who are willing to give a chance for love in their life. Sometimes it is a distant co-worker who turns out to be this amazing person outside her cubicle or just a guardian angel from some part of the world or the unseen diamond that has been with you for a long time.

My thoughts
I usually prefer dwelling into a long novel escaping the real world around me. This is a first time I am reading a collection of short love stories. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to be that interesting and am I not glad to be wrong? Each of these stories stood out to me and had a unique character to it. To begin with a breezy start like Virtual Harmony, we actually embark on a journey like a bus ride where we see different people or like a fly on the wall watching different stories unfold and eventually it ends up in the corridors of an airport giving you the vibes of a Nicholas Sparks novel. As we all know each love story is unique. Some are deep and thought provoking and some are simply sweet like a cup cake. Developing a romance- subtle romance- to be specific, is an art. It is much easier to do when you are writing an elaborate novel. But developing a romance within a short span requires tremendous skills. The author definitely wins our heart there.


Not all the stories are perfect. But I think that’s just how it is. Some couples do have an amazing story of how they came to be together and some don’t. Isn’t that how life works? If I am allowed to be partial and picky I will say that Batting practice is my favourite of the lot. It was one story where I never expected what was coming. Roadside assistance might be a little towards the preachy side but it covered a different kind of love story which is always welcome. A couple of the stories are funny enough to put a smile on your face. Overall it is one of those feel good books you pick if you wish to kill a few hours reading a little bit of those cute love stories.

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