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This collection packed a punch with it's strange and unusual tales. There's a bit of something for everyone and each story is so different from the last. My personal favourites were She Saw Three Ships & Jocelyn's Story. I won't give away any details because I think you will enjoy it more if you go in a little blind. But take it from me, you won't be disappointed
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I'm grateful to the publisher for an advance copy of The Strange Casebook via NetGalley.

These are short stories which mostly, though not all, take place in the world of Moore's Essex Witches novels - supernatural thrillers focussed on Rosie Strange and her family's museum in the village of Adder's Fork, Essex.

If you've read and enjoyed those books you'll have the chance to spot how the stories fit in to that world - either featuring moonier characters, member of Rosie's family, forming testimony given to the Museum or just appearing in Adder's Fork itself.

Death is a common theme here.

Death Becomes Her focuses on a policewoman we have seen before, and perhaps explains a bit about her.

Snowy is a gentle hymn to death and loss and perhaps - perhaps - to consolations beyond.

Madness in A Coruña is probably the longest story in the book, and is an effective and creepy ghost story, perhaps with an MR Jamesian bent. An unwary traveller to the Spanish city (yes, the same as in the poem by Charles Wolfe) discovers mysteries there. The city seems to be guarded against something. But is it guarded well enough? As this story came to a climax I found myself sitting forward and gripping my Kindle so tense did it get.

She Saw Three Ships is a delight, a whole story featuring Ethel-Rose and taking place in that most ghost haunted, uncanny of English counties, Cornwall. What happens when the locals make you unwelcome on the eve of a creepy local festival? Well, you dig in and see what peahens, obviously. This slice of folk hour is calculated to raise a shiver as Hallowe'en approaches.

Jocelyn's Story and The House on Savage Lane, are a different kind of story, the sort where the revelation of what is really going on is what drives the horror (even if you'd begun to guess as I did for the second, not the first) so I won't say much about them. I did, though, find Jocelyn's Story to be genuinely strange and unsettling, a different sort of horror. The House on Savage Lane was a bit more conventional but still had a couple of effective twists.

So, great stories - whether read while you wait impatiently while you wait for Strange Tombs, or if you just want something a bit creepy for the lengthening evenings.
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This was a nice spooky read indeed. It definitely matched the autumn atmosphere and my spooky mood. I couldn't forget myself into it as much as I expected, though.

First of all, I have to state, that this is a very eloquently written book (all stories included), and I loved it! I loved the author's style, and that's why I would be up to reading anything else written by her anytime! I could feel the difference between the characters throughout her writing, it really felt like reading different narrators.

As for the stories, there were very good and average ones as well. At least for me. There were some very weird ones, ones that I didn't really see the point of or I got bored by getting halfway through. On the other hand, I found some very great short stories as well, ones that had a meaning beyond being spooky just for the purpose of being spooky, and ones that really gave off a 'scary-tale-by-the-firelight' vibe.

As a summary, I would say that if you want a fast autumn-mood read, this book is for you!
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This is certainly an interesting story. A fun loving duo. I have t read the previous books, so the main characters are new to me. 

The were quiet entertaining. I Sam is a geeky kind of a gentleman, shy but still an admirer of the female form. Rosie was a definite strong female lead, a dry wit dripping of sarcasm. Put them together is great but a little awkward. But they still manage to work together. Recommend to anyone looking for a sweet subtle read. 

I received this ARC for a honest review.
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Thank you NetGalley for sending me this ARC an exchange for an honest review 

The Strange Casebook by Syd Moore is a enjoyable spooky quick read.

The Strange Casebook is six short stories, well written and crafted. These short stories are perfect for readers getting into the spooky mood for Halloween. My favorite story of this collection had to be "Snowy" not because it was scary per say, but because of the meaning and ending to it. My 4 star review comes from not particularly enjoying all six stories. Some of the stories were a bit weird to me.
I definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys spooky reads!
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The Strange Casebook by Syd Moore is a perfect Halloween read.

Containing six short stories, each tale is a strangely woven creation, embracing morbid, creepy elements, breathing life into old and new monsters. 

To put it bluntly, it's weird. 

"'People say that it's love that separates us from the animals, but it's not. We can't be sure of much in life, but we all know we're going to die. No other species on the planet knows it, right? Dogs don't. Cats don't. Just us. And because we know it - we fear it. I don't know why we're afraid of a fact.'"

I think my favourite story was The House On Savage Lane which is the last story in the collection. It held everything I'm scared of, with a clever unexpected turn thrown in at the end.

The reason I've rated this series of stories only a three star is because I found that the twists were not always evident. Some stories I liked. Some stories I didn't. It's a balanced average. However;

The stories served their purpose. 

Thank you to Net Galley for an ARC of this in exchange for an honest review.
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I haven't read any of the other Strange books, so I was worried I wouldn't be able to follow the stories in this book. However, they are excellent stand alone tales. These short stories were incredibly well-fleshed out, with intriguing characters and interesting twists, and I really enjoyed reading them as we head into autumn.. I'll definitely be reading the book series now!
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Excellent! A really good collection of short stories . This book would be per for hallowe'en.
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A collection of short, spooky stories, The Strange Casebook is filled with the perfect reads for Halloween! Carefully selected, this are fascinating stories, surrounded by an air of mystery and danger lurking in dark corners. 

All stories are carefully constructed and very well written, with interesting twists and turns. Their length is ideal, preventing the reader from getting bored, while in the same time leaving them asking for more details.

This is an enjoyable, quick read, that combines mystery with spookiness in a very successful blend. Ideal for lovers of strange stories and horror, The Strange Casebook is definitely recommended to all readers that can handle a little darkness in their books!
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