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Christian and Sophie meet on the beach by chance. They meet again the next day when she arrives for a job interview just as he is having a panic attack. She nurses him through the attack and takes him home from the hospital. He is struggling with work burnout, and she is reeling from a secret kept from her for her entire life. It may not be the best time for either of them to enter into a relationship, but they just. Ant help themselves. Both main characters are well developed and readers won’t be able to help rooting for them!
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So I thought this book was very good! I wasn’t crazy about her last one but this was a sweet story. It was a little slow at times but it came together nicely. I look forward to reading the next one. I received an ARC via netgalley for an honest review.
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If you are already reading the Montgomery family books you will want to continue.  There is nothing new that sets it out from the others.  Simply a relaxing read with a family the readers have come to know.
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Settle in, you'll want supplies to hand, with enough uninterrupted time to finish this book in one sitting.  The rollercoaster of emotions written into this book, taking the readers hand through Christian and Sophies story.  Amazing, love the angst, the depth of feeling, written in this story, a specialty of Ms Chase.  
Christian Montgomery is torn, trying to please his father, be a success, putting in the hours, too many hours, until a health scare, a chance encounter and with Sophies influence an option to make changes.  Tragedy has different thoughts both current and historically for Sophie.  Will they realise what they could have together?  
I loved this book, the feelings drawn from the reader, any book that makes me laugh out loud, scowl and rude behaviour, and openly cry at the sad bits, oh not forgetting blushing at the sizzle, couldn't put it down, another great addition to the series.
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This might be a new favorite! I like that the characters seem very realistic and are dealing with real issues. 

Christian is a character I’ve been frustrated with in the past but I liked him in his book! I highly recommend reading the series from start to finish as the characters and plot is built over the course of multiple books. 

Another cute romance from Samantha Chase! This time - workaholic needs to take a break theme.
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In previous books in the series, Christian Montgomery made an appearance as a workaholic heading toward disaster in pursuit of winning his father's approval. And his health does become a problem in this book but luckily, his mother and aunt have just hired a nurse for the company and she is there to make sure he's okay. 
Christian is somewhat disappointed that Sophie is his employee. He's been admiring her determination to surf for weeks and now she's loathe to have a relationship with him because he his her boss.
Except that he's not really her boss, she's a contractor and reports to someone else. And he's willing to make it work. 
Didn't love the ending but most of the story was pretty good. Looking forward to hearing Carter's story, how opening up an everyday restaurant in Montauk is going to shake up his life.

Three stars
This book comes out January 29
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Fun story with interesting characters. Not your typical romance. Great story line that keeps you wanting more !  I could not put it down !
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Another great read by Samantha Chase.  This story dealt with family issues with both characters and my heart ached for both Sophie and Christian.  There were some big obstacles tackle in this book and sometimes I wondered how this would end up but the author does such a great job of making the plot flow so that the resolution is natural.  I have read many books by this author and this one did not disappoint.  Suddenly Mine is a story of love, loss and realizing what's important in life.
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I really enjoyed this contemporary romance in the Montgomery Brothers series. Christian is a workaholic who needs to slow down before he has a heart attack and Sophia is the woman he's attracted to. It's kismet when they end up working closely together. Sophia has lived through a traumatic event and it takes time for her to learn to trust Christian. Her caring behavior and honesty helps Christian take a step back and begin to live his life to the fullest. Sweet romance with some spice too.
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This is book 8 in a sries, I have only read the preious book where it introduces a new sect of Montgomery kids. This is Christian Montegomery's story. He is the workaholic son/brother who runs the company in San Diego and he is miserable. He hates his life and has no joy in it, until his aunt and mom come to town. They are in town to start a wellness program at the San Diego office and that is how they meet Sophia.

Sophia has just moved to San Diego from a midwest town and she is a breath of fresh air for Chirstian. The two become fast friends and hang out together where they both discover they have daddy issues. This was a sweet and fun story with some  great characters until  something majorly happens that throws Christian's world into a tail spin. I actually really enjoyed this plot point because itcreated drama and I couldnt wait to find out wait to find out what would happen next.
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