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One Way Ticket to Paris

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I absolutely adored this book. It tells the tale of three women. I found this book to be fantastically funny and  heart-breakingly sad at times. I would highly recommend this as a true feel-good rom-com.

Kate, happily married with two lovely children but she has lost herself. Her life is full of running after her husband and children which leaves no time for herself.

Shannon, happily single and childless whilst having a fling with her boss who is looking to make their relationship more permanent and wants her to meet his grown up daughter – Shannon likes how her life is going and not sure she wants to become a family.

Laura, living with her boyfriend who appears to be everything she wants and needs but is he really?  He doesn’t want to plan ahead and is happy with life as it is whilst Laura yearns to settle down and start a family. 

As Kate decides to visit her friend Shannon in Paris, she doesn't share her plans with her husband or indeed her friend until she is already on her way! Kate meets Laura who is on her way to Paris for a business meeting.

Will a weekend in Paris give them all the answer they need to move forward.  What does the future hold for these three women?  

Thank you to NetGalley, Bookouture and Emma Robinson for the opportunity to read and review this novel prior to publication.

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