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Way to up the fucking game. All other Romantic Comedies out there have got some pretty tough competition, because between this and How to Repair a Mechanical Heart by J.C LIllis the bar is set to the sky. Like, wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Talk about a home run.

This book has everything. Political Scandal. Intrigue. Sarcastic disasters around every corner. And an absolutely marvelous romance between two absolute doofuses so sweet your teeth will ache. 

Please, if like Romantic Comedies, steamy romance, and just two characters who match each other beat for beat in the most frustratingly sexual manner possible, pick this book up. It's everything you've wanted and more.
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This book was an absolutely slice of perfection, It's everything we need in post-2016 election world. I cannot recommend it enough.
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Mixed feelings ahead. I have read the other reviews and can agree there is a lovely, uplifting feel to this novel. The worries lie with me rather than the book, I think, and maybe because I didn’t realise what I’d signed up for. The is a new adult romance and as such has a lot of explicit sex in, which, I can live without. There’s nothing wrong with it, just not for me. Having said that, it’s not the main focus of the book. I did like the main characters but I never managed to stick with who was who in the rest of the cast, making me feel that these could have been fleshed out more (though not strictly necessary). And it was moving. I don’t often enjoy reading love letters between characters - a bit intrusive perhaps. This is hard to get right and the author did well here. A few tears shed. I do, I hope not idealistically, strongly question the Daily Mails entire role, but won’t say more here.
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This was simultaneously maddeningly unrealistic and completely fucking adorable. (Maddening mostly because it's this awesome better world that I wish we lived in right now, dammit. It's a romance novel, so frankly, I don't really care about reality in general. BUT DAMMIT this world was so much better than the craphole we're dealing with right now.)

Anyway, I totally bought the adorable love story and I loved the supporting characters (please let us have their love stories next please please I want Bea to fall in love) and I'm a sort of royals obsessed girl anyway so this was my sweet spot.

(It's pretty explicit, in terms of the sex, so if you can't handle that, avoid.)
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I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review, thank you to the publisher. 
I really looked forward to reading this book once I read the blurb, even more so when I saw one of the reviews had come from Christina Lauren. Unfortunately, due to no fault of the author, it was just one of those books that just doesn't gel with me. Don't get me wrong, I think the premise of the story is wonderful, and hopefully our world will one day accept and celebrate a gay leader, male or female. 
I struggled to get in to the story primarily because of the tense, I didn't feel the characters. I am British, and so seeing so many familiar, current names amongst the Royal family kept chasing me away from the story. Also, and this is *entirely* on me, I can't deal with British speak in books - I will actively avoid books if it is mentioned in the blurb. 
What I did really like though, is the end of the book, once the moment happens that we all know will come. Henry's mother inparticular has a great moment, and I adore Alex's sisters. Whilst overall it was not for me, I would quite happily read a book along these lines in future.
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When Alex's President mother Ellen is up for re-election, he knows he must do what he can to stay out of trouble. So when he accidentally causes a scene with Prince Henry at the royal wedding, Alex and Henry's relationship as tentative enemies changes into pretend friendship in an attempt at damage-control. As their relationship unexpectedly changes into something else entirely, Alex and Henry grapple with how their actions impact their countries and their own legacies.

This book hurts because it reminds us that this is not the political reality we live in, but it heals that hurt a thousand times over with its optimism that manages be both grounded and liberating. It successfully convinced my black heart that love like this exists, that we do have some power over our legacies, and that we can all shape the future by doing good. I love Alex and Henry and June and Nora with all my heart.
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A+ romcom! This ended up being so much more than I expected, and it's pretty much THE ULTIMATE escapist fantasy for liberal millennials right now.

I mean, there are things I could nitpick, but who flipping cares when my heart is a gooshy puddle on the floor. 

First of all, it's got this beautifully executed love story that's so much deeper than the cover might suggest. It's also this look at an alternate reality where, basically, Hillary won (this is not a spoiler, it happened 3 years prior to the beginning of the book). It's a world I found myself relishing in and also mourning the lack of. 

This just had me completely wrapped up- I (unexpectedly) sad cried and happy cried over the adorable love story, and I happy/sad cried for all that might have been. I laughed my ASS off, and felt positively giddy through it all.
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I could spend ages telling how amazing this book was. How much fun it was. How much I didn’t want it to end! Honestly Casey McQuiston, if you wrote another book in this series <s> or three</s>, <b>wink wink </b>, <i>nudge nudge</i><s>Nora and June </s> , I would totally be down for that. 

I heard about this book about 2 weeks ago and I knew I had to read it, and I’m so glad I was able to get an ACR of it because this is going down as one of my all-time favs. I saw someone say about this book that its “everything [they] never knew they needed” and damn if that isn’t true. 

Alex Claremont-Diaz is the First Son of the USA and with that comes the obvious responsibilities, but Alex doesn’t mind, he’s wanted to be in politics for as long as he can remember. His Mother, Ellen, the President, is up for re-election so the last thing the campaign needs is any scandals. 

At the Royal Wedding of the Prince of England, Alex manages to cause quite the scene with the other Prince, Henry, also known as Alex’s sworn enemy. 

To avoid and international incident the heads of the two states decide to get these two acting friendly in front of the press. So, they play at friendship, but as they get to know each other and what the other has had to face and deal with, maybe they become friends along the way. Maybe they become something more than that even. But they have more than their families to deal with, they have <i>whole countries</i> to manage if their relationship becomes public. And with Ellen’s re-election in the works, can the campaign handle such a scandal? 

This story was funny, heartfelt, and just plain fantastic. I want more of Alex and Henry and the whole gang. I laughed, I cried and I hoped with these amazing characters.
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This adult rom-com features the First Son and the Prince of Wales falling in love. It reads like fanfic: full of feels, all about that character development, and lots of *canoodling*. Indeed, if Rainbow Rowell's Carry On and The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan had a baby, it would be Red, White, and Royal Blue. 

When this comes out in June it will be the perfect beach read: lots of kissing, lots of adorable banter, and an all-around feel-good book. However, as I gobble it up in mid-October, less than one month before Beto O'Rourke takes on Ted Cruz as the Texas Senator on Election Day, I also wish it were available to the masses now. You see, Alex's mom, the president, is from Texas, and there is quite an inspiring b-story in regards to the state of Texas Turning Blue. This storyline could be morale-boosting in a time when we are working so hard to turn the tide in Texas, to help move Texas along to a greener, more progressive, side. I have friends that I'd love to hand it to, saying, "Read this! It'll help you not lose sight of our goal for November!"
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It may be too early to call this book my favorite romance of 2019, but I'm just going to come out and say it: this is my favorite romance of 2019. This book is a soothing balm in the midst of our current political nightmare. It’s not a cure, but it’s a catharsis. It’s the post-2016 alternate universe I dream we were all living in. Basically, I was delighted from beginning to end. Filled with humor, heart, and a ridiculous amount of charm, I almost wish I could erase my memory of reading just so I can read it for the first time all over again. It's a rare book that has that effect on me.

RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE is a strong start for a debut author with such a strong sense of voice. In the fact, the tone and voice was probably my favorite thing while reading because it hit such a niche of humor that was right up my alley. Think THE HATING GAME with a pinch of celebrity and political bite. I’m impressed and beguiled and already counting down until McQuiston’s next novel. I have no doubt this will be a new favorite for many come 2019.
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