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Cover Image: 24 Hours of the Phoenix

24 Hours of the Phoenix

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Mo C, Reviewer

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I was excited to read this book as soon as I set eyes on the cover image and the synopsis.  It was just my type of story.  Thankfully the author, Caroline Bertaud, was looking for beta-readers prior to publication and approved my request to read her debut novel.

The story had me hooked from the start right through to the final page. This gripping tale moves at an incredible pace, which it has to really as Phoenix only has 24 hours to live!

We are lead through an hour per chapter and I found myself in the age old situation of wanting to read faster but not wanting to reach the end and find that Phoenix had overheard correctly and that she would be dead by morning.  I completely fell for the hero of her day and wished beyond wishing that it was all a mix up and they could have their happy ever after….. but was it?  You will need to read and find out for yourself.

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