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Dead of Winter

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Carol B, Reviewer

Here we have a hippie writer, turning her gift toward how awful America is! She, as another liberal writer, hates America, wants to let in any Muslims, after all, they are of a peaceful religion; and Southern White RedNecks are so prevalent, our government has failed to taken them down. Poor downtrodden Muslims! I am a White Conservative Baptist, even worse, I am a Southern Baptist! According to this book, I would be considered the alt-right! Why? I am Christian, I believe on protecting all of Israel, I think people, of any color, religion, or political persuasion should have to go to jail if they commit a crime. This book has the hero as an Inman, American Soldiers as bloodthirsty savages, anyone who voted for Trump, an ignorant white redneck without a brain! My I.Q. is 157! I do n't hate anyone; I am fed up as being portrayed as an illiterate bigot!
No, I will not be giving this Author my money!
I do no recommend! Thank you NetGalley!
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